The Buy Pile: Squirrel Girl Says, 'Nuts To That!'


Every week Hannibal Tabu (winner of the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt/blogger/novelist/poet/jackass on Twitter/head honcho of Komplicated) grabs a whole lotta comics. These periodicals are quickly sorted (how) into two piles -- the "buy" pile (a small pile most weeks, comprised of planned purchases) and the "read" pile (often huge, often including comics that are really crappy but have some value to stay abreast of). Thursday afternoons you'll be able to get his thoughts (and they're just the opinions of one guy, so calm down, and here's some common definitions used in the column) about all of that ... which goes something like this ...


THE BUY PILE FOR July 12, 2017

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #22 (Marvel Comics)Doreen Green and Nancy Whitehead win a computer coding contest and win a trip to the Savage Land, where they pet and ride dinosaurs. There are few sentences in the English language that can encapsulate as grandiose an amount of joy as the previous one, but on top of that Nancy catches the eye of a Latverian guy. The ending is a bit abrupt but there are so many moments of joy and awesomeness here that every page is worth it ("You get to take care of dinosaurs, Danny. You're doing okay. You're doing just fine"). Writer Ryan North again showcases why he is a national treasure and the art from Erica Henderson, Rico Renzi and Travis Lanham wonderfully conveys this exuberance.



There's only one comic that can be properly reviewed without significant conflict of interest, but that's a good start to the week.


Honorable Mentions: Stuff worth noting, even if it's not good enough to buyCalexit #1 has a number of interesting ideas as it looks at a deeply divided golden state under the rule of a very conservative-minded (and very bloodthirsty) federal government determined to bring the errant state back into the fold. The characterization is razor thin, the plot needs a little more meat on its bones, but it's surely a timely, relevant look at how bad things could get in a very short time.


Wonder Woman #26 has a very gut-wrenching ending as Diana struggles with the realities of bringing peace to a warmongering world. Beautifully drawn but a little mopey, this shows how the wear and tear of heroism hang on the world weary warrior.

Harbinger Renegade #5 is rough to read, brutal close quarters combat between military contractors and superpowered children and civilians. It's well plotted but it's hard to read some of these scenes.

No, just ... no ... These comics? Not so much ...Cool, nothing was awful, at least.


There were a lot of forgettable books this week, so much that slogging through them seemed like an ordeal.


In a week when one of the week's favorite books can't be reviewed, things were otherwise kind of forgettable as everybody warms up for Nerdi Gras.


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