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Transformers Lost Light #25


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Transformers Lost Light #25 (IDW Publishing)

Well. That's that, then. With this issue, the conclusion of almost a decade of concentrated, planned and executed Transformers storytelling from James Roberts, we can finally say it: it's perfect. With twists and turns and character development over the course of millennia, there is virtually nothing you can say about this story -- which culminates here, so yeah, if this is your first time on the ride, sorry -- that is wrong. Using a Big Chill styled framing device and an almost Whovian contrivance (said as a compliment), this issue is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Thanks go to the visual team of Jack Lawrence, Joana Lafuente and Tom B. Long for bringing this in for a flawless landing. When's the absolute hardcover out? RATING: BUY.

Immortal Hulk #8 (Marvel Comics)

Immortal Hulk #8
Don't go to pieces over Immortal Hulk #8.

Jump from the Read Pile. Okay, wow. First of all, this issue is messed up ... messed up like, "the guy with cuttings and black eyeliner creeping out your cousins at the baby shower talking about his crystal figurine collection" weird. The government has the Hulk and think that's a good idea. Spoiler: it is not.

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This Al Ewing script dives deep into the horror vibe this series has been working with while not shying away from its superhero roots, all the way down to Dr. Walter Langkowski's new job. The brisk and gripping visuals from Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Paul Mounts and Cory Petit will be replaying in your nightmares, thank you very much, so that's not easy either. Again ... wow. RATING: BUY.

Outer Darkness #1 (Skybound/Image Comics)

Outer Darkness #1
Outer Darkness #1 is a fantastic mix of science fiction, horror and fantasy.

Jump from the Read Pile. What would happen if you mixed The Expanse with that really good Matt Ryan Constantine show and tossed in a dash of Star Trek: Discovery? You'd get something a lot like this engaging work of fantasy and science fiction, mashed together in a delicious comics bouillabaisse. A haunted man named Joshua Rigg is given command of a magically powered military spaceship he once called home, keeping his own secret agenda under wraps. The old my greatest failure trope is at work but done deftly as the crew of misfits is slowly introduced. This John Layman script is engrossing, drawing the reader in with almost casual craft work. The visuals from Afu Chan and Pat Brousseau do great work bringing the mundane elements of a society settled in space with the impossible elements of a god stuck in an engine. Buckle in, space cadets, we're going on a ride! RATING: BUY.

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