The Buy Pile: Swords & Scoundrels with Lando and Modern Fantasy

Star Wars Lando Double Or Nothing #4


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Star Wars Lando Double Or Nothing #4 (Marvel Comics)

Jump from the Read Pile. There is so much to like about this issue as the titular smuggler goes from looking for a check to envisioning a new day with too many fun quotes to recount ("Style is a signature component of the Calrissian legend") and some serious action chops as well. Disney would do well to glance at this Rodney Barnes script for a live action adaptation because aside from being firmly entrenched in continuity (accessibly so), this is just plain fun, with the visuals from Paolo Villanelli, Andres Mossa and Joe Caramagna giving this issue an enjoyable, fast moving feel that never sacrifices visual splendor. RATING: BUY.

Modern Fantasy #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Modern Fantasy #3
Modern Fantasy #3 knows when push comes to shove, you just need a little more Bock-darr!

Jump from the Read Pile. A fantasy-based world has gone all-corporate and boring, but some still yearn for the swashbuckling days of swords and sorcery. Enter Sage of the Riverlands, a level 3 data entry specialist who wishes she was using her multiclass skills as a level 12 ranger. She and her truly ridiculous party of friends (barbarian, mage, cleric, ranger, fighter, rogue and maybe a bard) have to stop a cult from summoning a fire demon. Sounds cool, until they all realize they mostly can't fight, their adventuring skills atrophied in retirement plan filings and traffic jams. There are so many ridiculous and well thought out layers to this Rafer Roberts script and the Kristen Gudsnuk visuals are effective in big moments of action and intimate moments of adventure. Great fun that is a great mix between Critical Role and Office Space. RATING: BUY.

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