The Buy Pile: Need Scoundrels? There's An App For That!

Crowded #1


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Crowded #1 (Image Comics)

Jump from the Read Pile. The premise for this book is strong enough to overcome the mild weaknesses in characterization. There's an app for everything, from renting a friend to loaning out your clothes for money. When this web-enabled gig economy turns into a crowdfunded assassination contract on a seemingly innocuous young woman, she turns to an app called DFEND and hires a weirdo bodyguard with lots of secrets and a checkered past. This script from Christopher Sebela extrapolates our current society in a Black Mirror kind of way that's very intriguing while the idiosyncratic, stylistic art from Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, Triona Ferrell and Cardinal Rae puts just the right surrealist slant on this work. RATING: BUY.

Star Wars Beckett #1 (Marvel Comics)

Star Wars Beckett #1
Star Wars Beckett #1 puts scoundrels in the front and suckers in the back.

Jump from the Read Pile. There's just something about scoundrels, and this delightful self-contained issue (taking place chronologically before Solo: A Star Wars Story) gives it to you in abundance. A criminal scheme gets twisted and turned with rakishness and just a hint of murderous intent as the titular character and his team try to abscond with illicit goods out in the buttcrack end of the galaxy, only to have significant hijinks ensue. The Gerry Duggan script is perfect, capturing the playfulness and menace of the Woody Harrelson character, the grace and determination of the taken-too-soon Val (played by Thandie Newton) and the four armed pilot Rio while never letting a dull moment creep into this clever and efficient plot. The visuals from Edgar Salazar, Marc Laming, Will Sliney, Jordan Boyd and Travis Lanham bring you into this gorgeous and dangerous corner of the galaxy (the Munt Ontdal shot should be a poster) with thrilling, visceral detail and scope. RATING: BUY.

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