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Star Wars #49


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Star Wars #49 (Marvel Comics)

Jump from the Read Pile. Accomplishing everything you need to for a Star Wars comic in a single issue is not an easy feat to pull together, and it's true, you'd be rewarded here if you had read every issue of Darth Vader and watched Solo but you're fine if you are coming to this fresh.

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The Empire is making big waves on the waterworld Mon Cala and they've had enough. With a sky full of Star Destroyers overhead, our favorites have to get a fleet of Mon Cal cruisers out so the Rebellion can have a proper navy (this is before Empire Strikes Back by the way. There are laughs and quotes and action and tension, character development and zippy plotting, all rolled into one enjoyable chunk of culture. Kudos to the creative team of Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larocca, Guru and Clayton Cowles. RATING: BUY.

Deathstroke #32 (DC Comics)

Deathstroke #32
Things get wild in the fight against Batman in Deathstroke #32.

Imagine a three dimensional chess game played so fast that you'd have a hard time keeping up. That's what it's like watching Deathstroke fight Batman. All Slade's contract kills moved into protective custody. All Bruce Wayne's funds frozen. Special gauntlets powering down the special suit that makes Deathstroke able to fight metahumans. Alfred arrested in Spain. Check, check, check, all with dizzying, brilliant speed.

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This Christopher J. Priest script requires re-reading, because each new time you take in another nuance. Add in the visuals from Carlo Pagulayan, Roberto Viacarlo, Larry Hama, Jason Paz, Jeromy Cox and Willie Schubert and you'll find an intellectually stimulating action comic with a mean spirited underbelly. RATING: BUY.

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