The Buy Pile: The Death of Squirrel Girl

Infinite Dark #1 had an ambitious set up at the end of the universe but left far too many questions via thin characterization and serviceable visual storytelling. If the characters can be revealed as interesting, this could be a thing. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

Immortal Hulk #7 was a little bit of a let down, despite having some great character moments (the action figure), action scenes (the code) and a scary new power as the title character has learned dun moch. Unfortunately, the ending was a disappointment, there wasn't much "heroism" on display and like the other appearance of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, this underscores the flaw in the superhero model, the tyranny of evil men with uniforms and fancy titles. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

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There is a moment in Captain America #4 that is frightening in its nuance and possibility. A woman says something about America that's so possibly true that it's almost too true. The plot, such as it is, just kind of peters off at the end, but if this were a section of a prose novel, it'd be a passage that you'd remember. RATING: MEH.

Plastic Man #5 likewise also grabbed you right in the feels with some very, very effective character work but took the easy way out plot wise while not getting much done. RATING: MEH.

Shades Of Magic The Steel Prince #1 has an attractive visual design but some cliches in characterization and rough edges around the panel work that kept it from being an upgrade to Blaise Zabini. RATING: MEH.

Red Hood Outlaw #27 has what could be one of the most legitimate moments of emotional honesty in Jason Todd's entire published life, a true poster worthy memory, but it's stuck meandering through a plot that was old hat when Larry Hama did it in Springfield. At least those people were snappy dressers. RATING: MEH.

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Infinity Wars #4 went from "truly awful" with its previous issue to "just boring" as the machinations of an endless power were ridiculously easy to undo, gods seem much easier to trick than advertised and bouncing around to gather the party is not so engaging when shortcutting characterization. RATING: MEH.

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