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Killmonger #1 (Marvel Comics)

Jump from the Read Pile. With stunning action sequences, fantastic quotables and the freight train charisma of the Michael B. Jordan performance, this ruthless Bryan Edward Hill script is exactly what's needed for fans that want more N'Jadaka in their life. Starting the second the future antagonist loses his father, this quickly tracks him through his storied M.I.T. career into some of the more interesting works that defined his skill set, all while fleshing out his character brilliantly (the double edged quote at the cork board is a delight). With the visuals from Juan Ferreyra and Joe Sabino, this issue spans continents and situations, from brooding to dynamic, with equal levels of craft and detail. This is really, really good. RATING: BUY.

Border Town #4 (Vertigo/DC Comics)

Border Town #4
Get weird and political in the best way in Border Town #4.

Jump from the Read Pile. This issue brings things back into line, balancing the tense detente that exists in many places along the southern border of the United States with a supernatural sheen, using characterization to drive the plot forward. A group of teenaged misfits struggle with a huge amount of crazy in their sleepy, sandy hamlet and try to figure each other out as well. The. central figure is a young woman of color driven to undersell her abilities to keep from getting kicked out -- interestingly enough, a theme in the back up story for this week's Shazam (more on that in a bit). Eric M. Esquivel balances the elements of this plot wonderfully with developing the characters while the art from Ramon Villalobos, Tamra Bonvillain and Deron Bennett shocks when it needs to and draws you in when it counts. RATING: BUY.

Doctor Strange #9 (Marvel Comics)

Doctor Strange #9
Stephen Strange fights something insidious in Doctor Strange #9.

Jump from the Read Pile. Stephen Strange has faced down some pretty horrible forces in the past. This time, he takes on an enemy willing to wait years for vengeance, an implacable foe that terrifies people everywhere -- gentrification. A mini-mall happy land developer sets sights on Bleeker Street and, well, even Ron Burgundy wouldn't expect how far this escalates. This done in one script from Mark Waid is virtually without flaw, developing peripheral characters and building up to the big bad like going through the levels of Super Mario Bros. Can we say enough about this amazing artwork from Jesus Saiz and Cory Petit, with a photorealistic take on supernatural shenanigans that's poster-worthy while still doing great visual storytelling. RATING: BUY.

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