The Buy Pile: Ironheart, Wonder Twins, Squirrel Girl - The Kids Are Alright

Last Space Race #3 was a little dry until its last page, an eyebrow raising moment that sends this into new territory than Letter 44. The periodical format may not serve this, and the characters need a lot more room to run, but the seed of something grander is here. RATING: MEH.

Ms. Marvel #38 had a super interesting second act surrounded by a plodding intro and a non-conclusive ending. The art flips were very engaging, the "levels" of this had some interesting character development, but where it ended up was less than compelling. RATING: MEH.

Wow. Spawn Kills Everyone Too #3 is bad. Really, truly, "wake the kids," "call the neighbors," "fire up the smoke machines" bad. There are ... some kind of teensy Spawn-like creatures, like bamfs or something, but homicidal. Anyway, along the way no familiar hero is safe from lampooning and then brutally being killed, which was kind of hip when Fred Hembeck did it, but is kind of old hat these days. Then there's Clownos ... and that's where it goes from "why is this happening?" to "sweet spirit singing, that's terrible." Stop it. RATING: NO. JUST ... NO.

Thor #10 managed to make a fight scene between two ridiculous gods into a sobby, needlessly emotional mess. Nothing worth happening occurred here. Let's move on. RATING: NO. JUST ... NO.

The fact that Batman Who Laughs #3 is bad should be no surprise, given the weakness of its two predecessors. What's most heartbreaking about this is that there is the nugget of something really interesting here -- the chemically neutered son of Jim Gordon, forced to feel guilt and remorse, methodically plodding through his court appointed tasks as part of an experimental program -- that could change the way not only criminal justice in Gotham works but could be the key to the actual problem here. Instead of digging into the amazing characterization possibilities of the younger Gordon, we had a pretty pointless fight scene with Penguin and a lot of other piffle. Shame. RATING: NO. JUST ... NO.


Three jumps? Man, that's a week that wins since there wasn't enough bad to overcome it.


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