The Buy Pile: Immortal Hulk Horrifies Again


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Immortal Hulk #9 (Marvel Comics)

Jump from the Read Pile. The last issue of this very, very well done series was messed up in a way that might haunt your nightmares. This issue looked at all that happened and said, "hold my beer." Carl "Crusher" Creel is down and out after his lengthy and innovative run in Black Bolt, a victim of his own pride. This leads him into the arms of the military, working on Hulk-busting contingencies, and ... well, it gets super weird from there on.

Al Ewing's script combines violence and action with terror and horror in a way that looks effortless, while the artwork from Martin Simmonds, Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Paul Mounts and Cory Petit will definitely have your jaw dropping by the last page. This weird, wonderful work will mess with your head ... and you'll like it. RATING: BUY.

Shuri #2 isn't bad, but its title character lacks agency and drifts from the wishes and plans of one group of women to the influence of another. Her own methods and intellect are given short shrift in this series of misadventures, which is a shame because the underlying atmosphere and production values are sterling. We're waiting for you to shine, Shuri. Come through. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

Last Space Race #2 has some interesting moments as an intentionally insufferable genius manipulates the United States Senate and the military to reveal a secret nobody wants to tell. Fantastic snark, worthy of Warren Ellis, but a lot more talk than plot, a lot more ambiance than character. Let's see where it goes. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

Smooth Criminals #1 had great action sequences, fun art and some decent characterzation but didn't do enough to establish itself as a plot. Not bad, but not ready just yet. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

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