The Buy Pile: The Doctor Is In...sane

Shadowman #8 ended with two Black people casually doing something free thinking Black people would never do after pages of stiff dialogue and a barely compelling plot. RATING: NO. JUST ... NO.

Spider-Geddon #2 is a trailer for other equally ridiculous and uninteresting comics. A previously beaten enemy returns with no new tricks, no new ideas and nothing new to offer the conversation as they beat the wheels off of spider-themed hero after spider-themed hero. It would be nice to say it could be better, but that's probably not true. RATING: NO. JUST ... NO.

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Scarlet #3 had a contrived crisis, limp characterization, a lame ending and a lot of "blah blah blah" in between. RATING: NO. JUST ... NO.


Pretty much a mess, honestly. Let's try again next week.


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