The Buy Pile: DC's Deathstroke and Cyborg Dominate



Every week Hannibal Tabu (winner of the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt/blogger/novelist/poet/jackass on Twitter/head honcho of Komplicated) grabs a whole lotta comics. These periodicals are quickly sorted (how) into two piles -- the "buy" pile (a small pile most weeks, comprised of planned purchases) and the "read" pile (often huge, often including comics that are really crappy but have some value to stay abreast of). Thursday afternoons you'll be able to get his thoughts (and they're just the opinions of one guy, so calm down, and here's some common definitions used in the column) about all of that ... which goes something like this ...


Deathstroke #23 (DC Comics)

There are deficits to this issue -- let's say that up front. The ending could be stronger, and there's a long "accusation of a parent" shtick that didn't work as well as the one before it. However, the chess-like moves of the lead character, engaged in double-edged heroism for profit are extremely enjoyable. The Christopher Priest script wades in the worst elements of human behavior while the stunning visuals from Diogenes Neves, Jason Paz, Jeromy Cox and Willie Schubert make every engaging moment leap off the page. Challenging but engaging work.

Cyborg #16 (DC Comics)

Cyborg #16
Magic and technology collide in Cyborg #16.

Jump from the Read Pile. This issue celebrates the recent 100th birthday of Jack Kirby in a huge way, revealing that a series of seemingly disconnected narratives comprised an entire storyline that culminates here. The ideas here are big -- really, really big -- and give you a look at the DC universe that's truly novel and interesting. John Semper's script is a Cory Doctorow dream, and the jaw-dropping visuals from Allan Jefferson, Will Conrad, Wayne Faucher, Ivan Nunes and Rob Leigh will stop you in your tracks. This is a very pleasant surprise, delivering some concepts that make the titular character a true power player.


Not bad, not bad ...

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