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Every week Hannibal Tabu (winner of the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt/blogger/novelist/poet/jackass on Twitter/head honcho of Komplicated) takes on an between seven to thirteen reviews (or so) to share his opinions with you. Thursday afternoons you'll be able to get those thoughts (and they're just the opinions of one guy, so calm down) about all of that ... which goes something like this ...


Border Town #2 (Vertigo/DC Comics)

Jump from the Read Pile. If you liked Attack The Block but wanted the characters to be less scoundrel-ish, this is the story for you. With deft, almost elegant strokes of characterization (like that Kyle Rayner poster), a wonderful almost Whitestone-ish surprise at the end and a well balanced plot, this Eric Esquivel script nails the tension and weirdness of this wonderful magical realism story, skillfully depicted by Ramon Villalobos, Tamra Bonvillain and Deron Bennett. Clever, kooky and engaging in all the right ways, this second issue fleshes out things from the first and continues to trend upwards. RATING: BUY.

Tony Stark Iron Man #4 (Marvel Comics)

Tony Stark Iron Man #4
A guest star buzzes around Tony Stark Iron Man #4 and makes everything fabulous!

Jump from the Read Pile. When you're inventing the future, there's not always a lot of time for dating. When you toss this fact into the Marvel Universe, it leads to a high tech redefinition of catfishing that's super interesting to watch. With a high flying guest star nailing every panel she's in, great character work from a number of players, and perfect twists and surprises, this issue is self-contained and top notch. This is great work from Dan Slott, Valerio Schiti, Edgar Delgado and Joe Caramagna. RATING: BUY.

Batman #56 (DC Comics)

Batman #56
A howl and a whine, the dark knight detective is after you in Batman #56.

Jump from the Read Pile. This issue gets better the more you think about it, a relentless hunt for a ruthless killer, laced with old business and old grudges. The characterization is fantastic, delivering a KGBeast that makes sense, even in these(maybe not-so) post-Soviet days. If you've ever heard the song "Synchronicity 2" by the Police, this works in much the same way, moving two different plots along together in, well, synchronicity. Writer Tom King turns in another virtual masterpiece with this script and the artwork by Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles brings it all together masterfully. RATING: BUY.

What If? X-Men #1 (Marvel Comics)

What If? X-Men #1
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Jump from the Read Pile. Cleverly playing linguistic tricks with two layers of lingua franca this nifty little Elseworlds mixes The Matrix with mutants and delivers a delicious surprise that's neither. Everybody is, at the end of the day, who they are but how you come to understand that is a nice surprise, with a dash of Fury Road and a star turn for Domino. This Bryan Edward Hill script will keep you guessing like a Black Mirror episode and the visuals from Neil Edwards, Giannis Milonogiannis, Rachelle Rosenberg and Clayton Cowles (yes, again) move the ball with confidence and brilliance. RATING: BUY.

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