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Immortal Hulk #2


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Immortal Hulk #2 (Marvel Comics)

Jump from the Read Pile. Wow. Remember how good that first issue was? The follow up is just as good, maybe even a little better. Robert Bruce Banner is on a mission, and he's more passenger than driver as problems only the Hulk can solve are sought on the open road.

Al Ewing's ruthless script evokes the wanderlust of the Bill Bixby series while showing some serious horror chops, melding the scientific and the terrifying with deft skill. Please don't hold your applause for the visuals team of Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Paul Mounts and Cory Petit, all of whom bring the intimate yet creepy reality of this into your headspace. In a word? Wow. RATING: BUY.

Brother Nash #2
There’s so much to love in Brother Nash #2.

Brother Nash #2 (Titan Comics)

Jump from the Read Pile. The debut issue of this indie series was a deep mix of mystery and Americana, and its follow up delves even deeper into astronomy (really) as a criminal organization with supernatural ties is executing a plot that's presidential in its depravity and the title character is learning more about it, closing in on stopping this.

The alteration of a damsel in distress into her own heroine is a great way to turn the tables, there are some facsinating concepts and the story told by supporting characters like the loquacious shaman really fleshes out this work. This singular effort from Bridget Connell is really worth seeing. RATING: BUY.

Deathstroke #33 (DC Comics)

Deathstroke #33
The assassin play date in Deathstroke #33 is truly worth seeing.

Two blade-happy trained assassins on a road trip together with paternity issues hanging in the air -- no it's not the plot for Deadpool 3 (or is it?), it's the latest episode in the very complex life of Slade Wilson. His cold war with Batman continues as Damian Wayne, the current Robin and grandson of immortal supervillian Ra's al Ghul, delivers himself to the titular mercenary to bend the knee. This leads to a perhaps ill-considered mission together, a surprise attack from a super villain and lots of rounds of high caliber gunfire.

The chess game played here with feints within feints, misdirections behind false flags and a final surprise to set up the storyline's conclusion entertain withot fail. Kudos to the creative team of Christopher J. Priest, Ed Benes, Richard Friend, Dinei Ribeiro and Willie Schubert for another comic that delivers on every front. RATING: BUY.

Transformers Lost Light #19 (IDW Publishing)

Transformers Lost Light #19
A word about Transformers Lost Light #19? That word is “whoa.”

First, an apology. If this is your first issue of this series ... yikes. Admittedly, there are some of the best exposition dump recaps in the history of genre literature happening here, but sweet Kwanzaa is there a lot going on. The quest for Cyberutopia is finished and stupid. The rogue Decepticon crew clled The Scavengers have teamed up with Rodimus' contingent from the questing starship The Lost Light to fight off a cosmic murder hospital and an increasingly intense series of death traps devised by the mechanoid who stole his ship, Getaway (who makes Andrew Scott look like Colonel Klink).

This plot is complex and you might need a scorecard to keep up with all the characters (although one moment between Misfire and Swerve is worth all the marbles), but they all get moments to reveal who they are through characterization that advances the plot. This is truly literary science fiction here, well worth every cent of your money. Hats off to James Roberts, E.J. Su, Joana LaFuente and Tom B. Long on another wildly enjoyable, deeply quotable, imminently re-readable romp. RATING: BUY.

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