The business cards of 34 famous comic book alter egos

Just because your identity is a secret doesn't mean it has to be boring, as Pop Chart Lab demonstrates in its new print "The Vocations of Heroes and Villains."

Measuring 24 inches by 18 inches, the print imagines the business cards of the alter egos of 34 DC Comics and Marvel heroes and villains, from Billy Batson to Jessica Jones and Adrian Veidt to Norman Osborn. They're sharp-looking, even if a couple of them probably aren't all that necessary (for instance, Victor Von Doom's says "Absolute Monarch" while T'Challa's says "King').

Pop Chart Lab’s Rachel Mansfield talks with Slate about the print, explaining the thinking behind some of the cards: "For Ms. Prince, we leaned on some intricate design to marry her military position with her more wonderful attributes: sharp geometry intersects here to form something morphologically patriotic, but also does the neat trick of harkening to WW’s tiara, wrist cuffs, and shirt. As with Mr. Kent, we included the primaries here to evoke her costume.”


The print is available from Pop Chart Lab for $29. See the full piece below.

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