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If you've taken the time to watch Amazon Prime's original series, The Boys, you know plenty well that the supes are far from the ethical heroes of typical superhero films or TV. The supes, especially those of the Seven are easily the worst of them all.

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Of them, their leader and clear Superman rip-off Homelander is no stranger to his awful moments. Just one season in, it's safe to say that Homelander is the most diabolical of any character and is, in fact, no hero at all. With plenty of gut-wrenching moments to choose from, here are ten of the worst things Homelander has done in The Boys.

10 Telling The 7 About Hughie

The scene in which Homelander tells the Seven, or the five at that time, about Hughie is one of the more tense moments of the entire series. Homelander's role in this scene is absolutely chilling, especially in the way he shouts at and threatens Starlight for defending herself.

The worst part about what Homelander did here was that it was actually pretty unnecessary for him to tell the Seven about Hughie at all. He clearly could've handled the Hughie issue himself, but needed to expose Starlight in front of the rest of the group for whatever twisted reason.

9 Killing Terrorists

Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "How could killing terrorists possibly be bad?". Well, the reason this makes the list is that it most prominently showcases Homelander's passion for killing. Instead of mediating the situation, he instead just runs in lasering every single person in sight.

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Although the motive behind it is somewhat justifiable, it still proves that Homelander is, at his core, just a diabolical killer. It's also a great example of how his laser vision is the most terrifying part about him.

8 Beach Speech

The actions that lead to this speech will be addressed later in the list, but just know that it's one of the more unethical and inhumane things Homelander does in the entire series.

After a completely diabolical action, Homelander still protects his public image. All in all, it's pretty haunting that Homelander used an accident that he was the cause of to give some inspirational speech.

7 Fabricating Conflict

Yet another instance when it's clear how much Homelander enjoys killing. In this particular scene, coming in the third episode of season one, we see Queen Maeve and Homelander tasked with taking down an active shooter.

Although Maeve clearly subdues the shooter and has him caught, Homelander takes it upon himself to crush his hand through the man's chest. Another extremely senseless and unnecessary act of killing that proves Homelander is just a murderous psychopath at heart.

6 Butcher's Wife

The story of Billy Butcher's wife, Becca, drives the boy's leader throughout the entirety of the series. Although the audience isn't shown or told what happened to her until the sixth episode, it's clear that whatever happened is the driving force behind Butcher's contempt for supes.

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It's later learned that the tragic story behind Becca Butcher is that Homelander raped her and impregnated her with a presumably super-powered child. Not only does this add to the wickedness of Homelander and explain why Butcher hates him so much, but it does set up the massive cliffhanger we see at the end of the final episode.

5 Taking Butcher To His Wife

Since the season one cliffhanger has already been mentioned, why not take a look at it in further detail. Before fading to the credits one last time, we see Homelander bring Butcher to a mysterious suburban house. It's later revealed that the house is occupied by Becca Butcher and a boy who turns out to be the offspring of Homelander.

As if what the Seven's leader did to Butcher's wife wasn't bad enough, he had to then rub it into Butcher's face by bringing him to see the son that came from his wife being raped. In a long list of diabolical plots of Homelander, this one will be interesting to see played out in the show's second season.

4 Murdering The Mayor

We now arrive at the first time in which Homelander's comfort in murdering and desire to appeal to Madelyn Stillwell. After threatening to expose the secret of compound V, the Mayor of Baltimore quickly learns he should've never tested Vought or the Seven.

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In an effort to keep the secret hidden, Homelander terrifyingly and easily lasers down the Mayor's private plane, which he appears to be on with his family. In just the series' first episode, it's already clear how horrible a person Homelander is and that he's no hero at all.

3 Killing Stillwell And Her Baby

The climactic final episode of The Boys was something every loyal watcher was waiting for since the first episode. Throughout the series, the relationship between Homelander and Madelyn Stillwell is a major point of focus. As one of the stranger relationships between any two characters in the show, it was always a question to see where all the uncomfortable interactions between the two would lead.

Well, in the season one finale, we finally hear Stillwell admit she's afraid of Homelander. He responds to this simply by lasering her directly in her eyes, killing her. In doing so, he gives Butcher no reason to continue the standoff, eventually killing her baby as well.

2 Creating Terrorist Supes

As mentioned above, Homelander is typically running an agenda of his own. He eventually reveals that one of those agendas is using compound V to create super-powered terrorists. In that twisted and nonsensical plan, Homelander had it transported across the world until eventually it worked.

This was all in an attempt to create "villians" that could actually compete with the supes, creating more publicity and revenue for Vought and the Seven. Regardless of what sense he made out of doing this, it proved to be a tremendous failure that led to, you guessed it, more loss of human life.

1 Flight 37

If you've watched the show, you should already know what this is referring to. If you haven't, it refers to an extremely failed attempt to rescue a hijacked plane. After one of the hijackers kills the pilots, eventually sliced down by Homelander's laser vision, the plane goes into a straight nosedive. Instead of saving the passengers by carrying the plane down like you might see Superman or Captain Marvel do, Homelander goes against Maeve's advice and lets the flight go down.

This is by far one of the most traumatizing and horrific scenes in the entire first season of The Boys and completely confirms how much of a maniac Homelander is, as he also threatens to "laser every f***ing one" of the hopeless passengers for good measure.

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