The Boys: 10 Worst Things Vought International Ever Did In The Amazon Original

A new hit show on Amazon's streaming service, The Boys is giving comic book fans a subversive look at the superhero genre. Instead of great heroes with high moral standards, the "heroes" in The Boys universe are all scumbags. Even more than that, the majority of them are murderers and psychopaths.

The main superhero team in the series, The Seven, was founded by a corporation known as Vought International. Vought puts on a good face for the public, but secretly, they have been seriously ethically compromised. Their shady business dealings are a plague on the world of The Boys. Here are the ten worst things that Vought International ever did in Amazon's The Boys.

10 Blackmailed Politicians

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Over the course of The Boys' first season, Vought International has a secret agenda they are trying to push. Vought wants the US government to allow Vought's superheroes to serve in the military. This would allow them to have a significantly bigger influence not just on the United States, but also the entire world.

In order to help further this agenda, Vought International employees such as Madelyn Stillwell use very shady tactics. In one instance, Stillwell has a shapeshifting superhuman take on the form of a very attractive woman, seduce a senator, and then shapeshift into a large man before taking pictures of the whole affair. Stillwell then used this blackmail to get one more vote for supers in the armed forces.

9 Lied To The Public About Supes

Vought International is good at manipulating the public by telling them what they want to hear. More specifically, they use certain carefully chosen rhetoric to gain the support of the Christian/ Conservative crowd.

One way Vought does this is by telling people that superpowers are a God-given gift to certain members of the populous. In other words, it is a natural occurrence, showing citizens who the noblest among them are. In reality, superhumans are created using a chemical called Compound V, originally developed by Nazi scientists during World War II.

8 Created Super-Terrorists

The Boys The Female

Using Compound V, Vought International has created an army of superheroes. Although these heroes are mostly American citizens clearing up crimes in America's biggest cities, Vought has made a few superhumans outside of this traditional structure. More specifically, it's revealed within the show that international terrorists are being pumped full of Compound V and given incredible powers.

Although eventually it is revealed that Homelander was responsible for these super-terrorists without Vought's knowing, the fault still ultimately rests at their feet. Vought emboldened Homelander and gave him free rein to do whatever he pleases. Being the psychopath that he is, it's no wonder he had such devious plans up his sleeve.

7 Covered Up The Deep's Assaults

The Boys The Deep

At the beginning of the series, the Aquaman rip-off known as The Deep pressures Starlight into having relations with him.  Using his power and influence in such a way was truly despicable, and served as a commentary on how deviant bad men can be.

What is revealed much later in the season, however, is that this was not the first time The Deep had approached a woman in this way. Vought International had covered up for The Deep several times before. Based on how Queen Maeve reacted to Starlight's assault, it'ss likely she was also a victim. Although in Maeve's case, Homelander was most likely the culprit. Also, representatives at Vought tried to convince Starlight to keep her secrets, showing that they had done this many times before.

6 Creating The Seven

The Boys Amazon Prime The Seven

Essentially a dark parody of DC Comic's Justice League, The Seven is a group of celebrity superheroes that are wildly adored by the public at large. Vought does a great job setting up crimes for their superheroes to stop and often films the fights to show on TV.

What the public doesn't know is that The Seven is made up of a bunch of sociopaths. Vought has enabled The Seven and given them the power to do whatever they want and get away with it.

5 Created Homelander

The 10 Most powerful Characters On The Boys, Ranked

The most powerful and most corrupt of The Seven is undoubtedly their leader, Homelander. While many believe that he had a traditional American Midwesterner upbringing, it turns out that Homelander was actually raised in a lab.

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After experimenting with a pregnant, mentally disabled woman, Vought International scientists were able to give her soon-to-be-born baby superhuman abilities. The baby then killed the mother during birth and became Vought's prized possession and most powerful superhero, the Homelander.

4 Covered Up For Homelander

After being raised in a laboratory with no traditional family structure, Homelander grew up to become a true sociopath. No one had been there to teach him about empathy, so the best he could do was pretend to feel for others.

Homelander has since killed many innocent people whenever such a choice was convenient for him. Instead of stopping their creation, for which they had certain contingencies, Vought instead chose to stand by and even cover up his horrible actions.

3 A-Train

The main event that served as the catalyst for The Boys was A-Train's killing Hughie's girlfriend. High on substances and not watching where he was going, A-Train ran straight through Robin.

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Instead of being held responsible, A-Train, with the help of Vought, actually blamed Robin for being in the "middle" of the street. In reality, Robin was barely a step off of the curb. A-Train wasn't even on his way to stop a crime, he was on his way to deliver Compound V to a terrorist cell at Homelander's behest.

2 Lamplighter

The Boys starts with Starlight being inducted as the new member of The Seven. One question that is never quite answered in the first season is who is she replacing? The answer to said question is Lamplighter, and his reason for no longer being on the team is a very dark one.

Previously the Boys, working for the CIA, had come very close to taking down The Seven. Over many years of hard work, they had accumulated a lot of incriminating evidence against the super team. Learning of this, Lamplighter followed their leader, Grace Mallory, and found out where her family lived. Lamplighter then preceded to burn Mallory's grandchildren alive, and Vought covered it up.

1 Experimented With Babies

Compound V is used to create supers, but it is most effective if given to a baby or fetus. Because of this, Vought enterprises experiments on hundreds of babies all over the states. Although most of these test subjects take the Compound V in stride, some reject the chemical and die.

Even though Vought often gets the parent's permission, this is a terrible thing to do to children. They essentially have no say in the horrible experiments that Vought makes them undergo. Also, there's no telling what kind of superhuman they'll become.

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