The Boys: 10 Things Fans Should Know About Vought International In The Amazon Original

In the world of Amazon's The Boys, everything is centered around the powerful Vought International corporation. As the founder of The Seven and essentially the hub for all things superhero, Vought International has become the most powerful company in the US by far.  Its power even rivals that of the US government.

With Vought playing such a vital role in the events of The Boys, it's important for fans of the show to understand all of the company's dirty little secrets. Here are the top ten things fans should know about Vought International in this Amazon original series.

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10 Creates Superheroes

Despite the belief that superhumans are actually born with their abilities, endowed to them by God, it turns out that Vought International is responsible for creating them.

Using a mysterious chemical known as Compound V, Vought International was able to create hundreds of superhumans. By getting parents to agree to hand over their children, Vought has an endless amount of test subjects to choose from. If the public ever hears about his deception, however, there will be hell to pay.

9 Sets Up Crime

The Boys Black Noir

Owning a team of superheroes who are famous for their crime-fighting abilities, it is very important for Vought International to have criminals for their heroes to fight. In the world of The Seven, it seems as though there is no shortage of criminals to stop. But things aren't quite as they seem.

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It turns out that many of the crimes The Seven stops are actually fabricated by Vought International. With a need to keep the public interest high, Vought has a vested interest in making sure there is always a new threat for The Seven to face.

8 Multimedia Company

The Boys Mesmer

Vought International has all sorts of branding for their superheroes. From merchandise like t-shirts and other memorabilia to movies and TV shows, there is no shortage of Vought content to choose from.

One notable example of this was Haley Joel Osment's character Mesmer, a former child star (ironically, much like Osment) who was the lead of a famous crime show. Vought uses every form of entertainment they can as a means of profiting off of their heroes.

7 Has Their Own Cinematic Universe

The Boys The Deep

Among the many forms of entertainment that Vought International has created, what they are most famous for are their movies. As a sort of spoof of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe, it's revealed in The Boys that Vought has its own cinematic universe.

During one of the Amazon show's episodes, it's revealed that Seth Rogen is directing his own movie, Black Noir Ressurection. In an interview, Rogen can be heard exclaiming how excited he is to be joining the VCU, or Vought Cinematic Universe.

6 Covers Up For Their Heroes

The Boys A Train

Members of The Seven create a seemingly unlimited amount of revenue for Vought International. Due to this fact, the shady corporation will do anything to protect its most precious assets.

The Seven consists of several superpowered sociopaths that will walk over anyone if it serves their self-interests. When a member of the team steps out of line and commits a terrible crime, Vought International is there to clean it up. The very inciting incident of the Amazon series involves A-Train killing an innocent person, and Vought preceding to cover it up, blaming the victim for being too careless.

5 Wants To Control The Government

In The Boys, Vought's ultimate goal is to get their heroes into the United State's military forces. If successful, it would give them even more power than they already have. Not only would it increase their influence within the United States, but it would also give Vaught significant additional influence all across the world.

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Towards the end of the first season, it begins to become more and more clear that this goal is totally reachable. Due to an increase in superhuman terrorists, public support for superhumans in the armed forces increases dramatically.

4 Manipulates The Government

The Boys

In order to achieve this goal, Vought vice president Madelyn Stillwell uses various tactics including blackmail and bribery in order to get what she needs. It's very clear that there are no places Vought is unwilling to go in order to manipulate the government.

During one such instance, Stillwell gets a shapeshifting super to seduce a prominent US senator. Pretending to be an attractive woman, the shapeshifter then changes into a heavy man during sex, taking incriminating pictures while he does so.

3 Raised Homelander

According to public records, Homelander was raised in a traditional middle-class midwestern home. This is all a lie, fabricated by Vought International in order to hide the real truth from the public at large.

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In reality, Homelander was raised in a Vought lab by a group of Vought scientists and employees. It's because of this upbringing that Homelander grew up to become a sociopath. With no traditional family structure to ground him and teach him basic morals, Homelander was left feeling as though he could do whatever he wanted.

2 Lost Control Of Homelander

The Boys Homelander

It was bad enough that Vought created Homelander in the way that they did. What made it so much worst is that they lost control of their horrible creation.

Although Vought put certain contingencies in place in case they lost control of Homelander. He went on to murder and rape a countless number of innocent people. Once Homelander lost control, it was their responsibility to get him back in line. Their failure to do so has helped make Homelander one of the most powerful sociopathic men in the entire world.

1 Stole Compound V From The Nazi's

Compound V is a mysterious substance that makes this universe tick. Vought International has built its massive empire off of the use of the drug. As it turns out, scientists at Vought aren't the ones responsible for creating Compound V.

Instead, the superhuman-creating chemical compound was actually created by Nazi scientists during World War II. After Vought got their hands on a Nazi superhuman named Stormfront, they were able to replicate Compound V, leading to the world of superheroes they later created.

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