The Boys: The Most Diabolically Creative Deaths on the Amazon Series

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Season 1 of The Boys, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

Amazon's The Boys has made waves all across the media spectrum in such a short amount of time. This is largely in part because of just how inventive and creative the show is, and it gets specifically brutally brilliant when it comes to killing people. The series isn't glorifying death, but it's certainly having fun with it.


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Within the first three minutes of Amazon's The Boys, the show unloads its first gruesomely creative death. The series premiere begins with a heartfelt introduction to the protagonist, Hughie, and his caring girlfriend, Robin. Shortly after we meet them both, Robin meets a sudden, grisly demise when the hero, A-Train, plows right through her.

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Not only is the scene shot pitch-perfectly, utilizing slow-motion to brutal effect, but this surprising, out-of-nowhere death immediately sets the tone of the show moving forward. (Plus, how often do you ever see a speedster hero/villain run through a person?)



When tasked with killing the invisible, bulletproof hero known as Translucent, the Boys have to get appropriately creative. After several failed attempts, they come up with the idea of sticking a bomb up the hero's backside. Despite this, Translucent nearly gets away, taunting Hughie so he'd let him go.

Surprisingly enough, though, Hughie overcomes his anxiety towards murder and pulls the trigger, blowing up Translucent from the inside. It's an explosive, bloody death that's completely earned. It also smartly marks a dramatic shift in the protagonist.


The Boys Popclaw

Following that, the show delivers what is likely one of the most erotic deaths to ever grace your screen. The "supe" known as Popclaw, who isn't exactly a hero and more of an adult film actress, had a secret romance with A-Train. But after A-Train makes more than a few crappy choices regarding their relationship, Popclaw gets into A-Train's stash of Compound-V, which is basically a superhero steroid.

After inviting her landlord in and doing some sensual roleplaying with him, Popclaw, being hyped up on Compound-V and getting a little too into the moment, crushes her landlord's skull with her thighs. That one probably doesn't need any more explanation.


The Deep The Boys

The Deep is a bit of a mixed bag. He blackmails Starlight into giving him some sexual favors in the first episode, which pretty much immediately marks him as an asshole. And yet, he's also got a heart of gold when it comes to preserving aquatic life. That heart of gold comes into play when he tries to save a dolphin an aquarium.

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That plan fails horrifically, however, when Deep is forced to slam on the breaks of his getaway vehicle and he sends the dolphin flying through the windshield. And if that wasn't bad enough, right after being ejected, the dolphin gets run over by a truck. Thus, you get the most equally tragic and hysterical death of the show.


The Boys Popclaw

Bouncing off that prior Popclaw-related death, the young woman meets her own demise two episodes after she accidentally (and hilariously) kills her landlord. The Boys wind up getting to Popclaw for information. A-Train figures this out, and he repeatedly digs into Popclaw to give them up, but she won't do so.

That is, not until A-Train lies to her about the prospect of the two of them being able to go public. Popclaw gives up the Boys, and shortly after doing so, A-Train uses his speed to quickly stick four needles into her arms, causing her to overdose. This moment moves so swiftly, and it hits you much the same; it's a surprisingly sharp punch to the gut.


The Boys Butcher

To cap off this list, you can't leave out the most badass Butcher moment of the series. Butcher and Mother's Milk infiltrate a hospital where Compound-V is secretly made, hoping to acquire some for themselves to use as evidence against the Seven and Vought. It's also where Vought injects babies with the substance so they can create their own heroes.

After obtaining some of the Compound, Butcher and Mother's Milk are forced into a shoot-out with security. But leave it to Butcher to get creative. He takes one of the super babies, which has heat vision, and uses it like a laser gun, mowing down the guards with incredible ease. He basically chops them all into pieces. (Warning: this fight scene will likely have you in hysterics the whole time, it's that fantastic.)

As you can tell, The Boys holds nothing back when it comes to violence. Nor should it. The show gets more enjoyable the more inventive it gets with killing people off. These deaths listed here are only a handful of what this show has to offer in total.

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