The Seven vs. The Suicide Squad: Who Would Win?

In the ultimate battle between Dynamite Entertainment and DC Comics, place your bets as to who will come out as the winning champion when Suicide Squad ends up in a fight against The Seven. Interestingly enough, both anti-superhero groups would have confronted each other if The Boys had stuck around at DC Comics' imprint, Wildstorm, and not moved on over to Dynamite. Both teams say they really want to help save the world, but some members are truly evil inside and only want to destroy it. When push comes to shove and personalities clash, let's find out which anti-hero team comes out on top.

Created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson, The Seven are a superhero team wealthy enough to control their merchandising rights and have their own PR team. Annie January, also known as Starlight, soon learns that all their superheroics are nothing but publicity stunts. Created by writer John Ostrander, the Suicide Squad are a team of super-villains reluctantly joined together to serve top-secret missions for the government. Classified as Task Force X, Amanda "The Wall" Waller promises to detonate the bomb on the back of their necks if they do not complete their mission.

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10 Homelander (Advantage: The Seven)

Similar to Superman's origin story, Homelander arrived on Earth when his spaceship fell from the sky and crash-landed in America. This is all a cover-up story concocted by the corporation, Vought American, who experimented on Homelander as a child. Homelander's powers come from a special drug, known as Compound V, made by scientists in an underground lab. In order to keep him on a leash, Homelander was tied to a nuclear bomb in order to keep him from attacking his superiors. He may be a superhero to a pubic, but Homelander is actually a sociopathic monster.

9 Deadshot (Advantage: Suicide Squad)

Behind the white mask and red goggle, Floyd Lawton is an excellent marksman who prides himself in never having missed a shot. Make sure to duck when Deadshot raises his arms because he has machine guns mounted onto his wrists.

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With his sniper rile, Floyd has the advantage of shooting his target from miles away. At close range, Lawton has been known to hold his own during physical combat against The Batman. Though he may be a cold-blooded assassin, Deadshot completes his mission in order to return to his daughter.

8 Queen Maeve (Advantage: The Seven)

A role model for little girls much like Wonder Woman, Queen Maeve has been hailed as the Empress from the Netherworld, the underworld that lies beneath the world's surface. Born in a lab, Maeve was injected with the special drug known as Compound V. With her ability to fly and her invincibility to enemy attacks, Maeve is a fierce fighter in the battlefield. Though she was an idealist, Maeve eventually became disillusioned with the world she is meant to protect. She uses that inner anger to beat criminals to a pulp before drowning herself in alcohol.

7 Harley Quinn (Advantage: Suicide Squad)

The former lover of the clown prince of crime, Harley Quinn used to be a renowned psychiatrist at the mental institution known as Arkham Asylum. Along with her medical training, Quinn is quite deadly in battle when she uses firearms and her trusty giant mallet  Even though she is not the leader of the team, Harley has been known to step up during a Task Force X mission and take command of the near-death situation.

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Watch out for her roundhouse kicks and somersaults because Harley happens to be a master at gymnastics.

6 Starlight (Advantage: The Seven)

Blinding her parents on the day she was born, Annie January has been able to throw powerful blasts of light from her hands. As her primary weapon of defense, Starlight absorbs electricity to protect herself from super-powered enemies. With her powers under command, her bursts of light energy can temporarily visually impair her attacker or leave them permanently sightless. Though her male teammates see her as a joke, Starlight may actually be the only real hero within the Seven. Annie would rather help people than make money off of her rescues.

5 Captain Boomerang (Advantage: Suicide Squad)

George "Digger" Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang, lived in poverty as a young child residing in Australia. Though he became an expert in making boomerangs, Harkness would be ridiculed for using the hunting tool. Because Harkness understood how to design the flat airfoil, he knew how to mount explosives and cameras onto them.

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The returning boomerang came with razor-sharp edges that would chop the head off from the rest of its body. Though he verbally abuses his other teammates, Captain Boomerang has been of great use as an undercover agent as he mimics other criminals and disguises his face.

4 A-Train (Advantage: The Seven)

A-Train, the speedster on drugs, runs incredibly fast that people will only see a distorted blur of motion. Ever since he was a member of the teen superhero group, Teenage Kix, A-Train always wanted to become a member of The Seven. While running at superhuman speed, A-Train was unable to control himself because he had been abusing himself on the drug known as Compound V. Just when he was about to stop a criminal, A-Train ended up running straight through Wee Hughie girlfriend, Robin. A-Train's uncanny acceleration reduced Robin's entire body to a shower of guts and blood.

3 Killer Frost (Advantage: Suicide Squad)

Dr. Caitlin Snow was young and eager scientist working at S.T.A.R. Labs. Stationed at their secret lab in the Arctic, Dr. Snow was working long hours on the thermodynamic engine. Caught by surprise, she was attacked by agents from the super-villain terrorist organization, H.I.V.E. Before they could get their hands on her lab work, Caitlin destroyed the thermodynamic engine, which unexpectedly turned her into Killer Frost.

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After her body merged with ice, Killer Frost is able to cause blizzards and generate defensive walls to shield herself from incoming attacks.

2 Black Noir (Advantage: The Seven)

The most violent member in the group, Black Noir is a super-powered ninja who loves to get bloody. A silent member of the team, Black Noir never speaks to anyone because he does not want others to sense his emotions. An expert in martial arts, Black Noir uses lethal force during his full-frontal attacks. Black Noir hides behind a black mask in order to keep his secret a surprise from Homelander. Designed by scientists as a fail-safe, Black Noir is actually the clone of Homelander created to replace the original host.

1 Killer Croc

Born with a birth defect, Waylon Jones gradually developed crocodile skin and would grow fangs instead of normal teeth. With so much anger inside, Waylon grew up hating the world because he was abandoned by his father and ridiculed by the other children. From crocodile wrestler to career criminal, Killer Croc wound up in the Suicide Squad after escaping Gotham City, but ended up being captured by government agent, Amanda Waller. Due to his mutated strength, Killer Croc is able to hold his breathe underwater for a long time, without hurting his lungs.

The winner? We have to give it to the Suicide Squad.

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