The Boys' Season 1 Finale Features a Big Supernatural Easter Egg

Amazon's hit adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's The Boys, set in a world where superheroes are super-famous but not that super, is executive produced by Eric Kripke, who also co-created the series. His name will be familiar to fans of The CW's Supernatural, one of his early creations and first big television successes, which will be entering its 15th and final season this fall.

Also familiar to members of the "SPNFamily" watching the Season 1 finale of The Boys will be the face of Supernatural's own, actor Jim Beaver. In a scene close to the start of "You Found Me," Vought Senior Vice President, Madelyn Stillwell -- played with an expertly crafted poisonous smile by Elisabeth Shue -- sits down for a meeting with Secretary of Defense Robert A. Singer, played by Beaver.

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The Boys Jim Beaver

Beaver has played a significant role across much of Supernatural's lifespan, making this cameo appearance in The Boys an unmissable nod from Kripke to the fantasy series with which his name continues to be synonymous. Just to make the moment even more unmissable, Beaver's character's name on The Boys mirrors his one on Supernatural: Robert "Bobby" Singer.

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Following the death of their mother and the subsequent disappearance of their father, Bobby became the gruffly affectionate parental figure that Sam and Dean Winchester were missing during the first 11 years of their monster-hunting journey; always on-hand to delve into obscure lore, call the hunting community to arms against an especially strong enemy or just lighten the mood with his signature, one-word catchphrase: "Balls!" Bobby met his end for the final time in Season 11 while battling the many-faced (and many-fanged) Leviathan, although -- par for the course for the show's infamous revolving door of death -- that was far from the last we saw of the character.

Bobby wasn't the only callback to a Kripke creation, either. In a recent Reddit AMA, the showrunner pointed out the other cameos viewers may have missed: "For fans of Revolution and his overall brilliance, Giancarlo Esposito will be back [for Season 2]. For Timeless fans, Malcolm Barrett will be back and Claudia Doumit will be joining up! When I find actors who I love -- and who are just cool fucking people -- I try to use them over and over."

Supernatural Bobby

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He also confirmed that Beaver, too, would return for The Boys' second season, which is already in production. Should his character's role be expanded, we suspect more fuel will be added to potential shared-universe fan theories; a concept that gains plausibility by virtue of Supernatural having its own multiverse, the existence of which allowed Beaver to return as "Apocalypse World" Bobby Singer in Season 12 and hook up with the Winchester's recently resurrected mother. (Ever-revolving door and all that.)

Given that the two shows are not only on rival networks but rival platforms, an official crossover seems highly unlikely. However, if Kripke can get away with reusing character names across his Kripke-verse, there's nothing to stop him throwing a few more Easter eggs into future episodes of the Amazon Prime series.

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