The Boys: Most Hilarious Billy Butcher Quotes, Ranked

Amazon's TV adaptation of The Boys stars everyone's favorite foul-mouthed Englishman: Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban. After his wife was assaulted by Homelander and disappeared, Billy has become exceptionally jaded — and really, we can't blame him. But his low tolerance for idiots and loud mouth paired with lack of a filter make him hilarious. The writers gave him some quotes that had us in tears during this nihilistic comic show, and these are the ten most hilarious quotes ranked on just how doubled over we were.

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10 "People love that cozy feeling that Supes give them [...] Swoop out of the sky and save the day so you don't gotta do it yourself."

This is more of a sardonic smile of a quote, but it's still enough to draw a reaction. It's relatable. If we had superheroes, we surely would want them to save the day so we wouldn't have to do it ourselves. Billy may often seem like he's bulldozing around the place without much of a plan in mind, but it's quite obvious when he says things like this that he's actually very insightful and intelligent guy. People may not want to face the negatives of humanity, but this would be one of them if superheroes were real. Of course we'd expect them to do everything for us.

9 "Translucent's always been my favorite."

It seems like an innocuous comment. If you tuned into the show during this episode and hadn't seen anything more, or weren't familiar with Billy, then he's simply pointing out his favorite member of the Seven — right?

The truth is, he's saying this to Hughie and his oblivious date Annie January, otherwise known as Starlight. What Starlight doesn't know is that Hughie murdered Translucent very recently, and Billy is well aware the superhero is dead despite everyone pretending otherwise. It's a tense moment, but it definitely draws a nervous chuckle at the sheer audacity of Billy's very obvious threat.

8 "We'll cross that bridge when we burn it."

The phrase is typically, "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it." Billy shows a wary self-awareness in changing the last words to 'burn it', because the Boys don't really have any friends as a gang. Their intentions might be vaguely-good at best (they're chaotic neutral, in D&D terms), but they definitely aren't very warm and don't tend to make friends wherever they go. Everyone ends up hating them because of their methods.

7 "I bet you'd thank a Supe if they **** on your mum's best china."

During the first season, Billy and Hughie end up visiting a support group for victims of supes. This turns out to be more like people lamenting about how they were damaged by supes but were unlucky, or fortunate to have met them at all. Billy is disgusted by the blind hero-worship of the supes and dissolves into a fairly intense rant about how these people shouldn't be grateful, they should be angry, and this is the best line from the entire rant.

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You can, er, fill in the blank on your own.

6 "Hughie, you've done a murder. Comparatively speaking, this will be a piece of cake."

Hughie is very nervous about the idea of infiltrating Ezekiel during a religious ceremony when Homelander is present. Billy is, perhaps sensibly, a little befuddled by this and points out that Hughie has literally killed a supe — talking to Ezekiel (and blackmailing him) should be a piece of cake in comparison to finding the guts to blow someone up.

5 "We didn't bring him here for a f***ing Happy Meal."

This has to be one of the funniest throwaway lines in the whole series, and we're not sure why it makes everyone laugh so much. If we had to guess, though, we'd say it's because Billy is the antithesis of the kid-friendly meal that makes people happy. He's pretty unapologetic about his intentions to hurt and kill people when he has to, and is shameless about the collateral damage it causes.

4 "I've got my phone linked to the Find Your S***head Friends app."

Sometimes, the Boys need to avoid Billy. It doesn't happen often, because he is good and they need him. But Billy can be very extreme, jumping to violence right away, and sometimes the others don't want to do that and have other plans.

However, on one occasion when they do avoid him, he manages to track them down fairly easy and when asked why, he edits the name of the Find Your Friends app for his own purposes.

3 "I just had to pop down to the shop. I was running a bit low on mind your own f***ing business."

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You have to give it to Billy — he has the most amazing comebacks. This is one of those quips that he seems to throw out without even thinking, demonstrating his incredibly sharp sense of humor. Sure, it might leave the people he's talking to flushing red with humiliation, but it certainly makes the viewer laugh and wish we could come up with comebacks like this on our own.

2 "I'll tell you who you are. A f***ing moron. Translucent doesn't even mean 'invisible'. It means 'semi-transparent'."

The Boys Translucent

At the beginning of season one, Translucent hunts down and attacks Hughie. Billy intervenes but is almost overpowered and when Translucent is towering over him and asking if Billy knows who he is (inferring that he's a superhero and unbeatable), Billy calls him out on the fact his name isn't even fitting. It's a funny, kind of-meta moment, because you know some of the viewers have already been thinking it.

1 "When you put them together, they're the goddamn f***ing Spice Girls."

When trying to explain to the Boys why they can't split up, Billy decides on a motivational speech. He uses the Spice Girls as an example of a band that was very popular while together but didn't garner as much success in their solo years. As Frenchie points out, it's a pretty terrible motivational speech in terms of power and getting the Boys hyped up, but it's certainly a hilarious analogy — especially considering how hard he goes with it, and how much he actually seems to know about the Spice Girls. Surprisingly, for a guy like Billy.

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