The Boys: MBTI Of The Characters

When Amazon brought The Boys to the small screen, it was interesting to see how they would adapt the R-rated storyline for television audiences. While many of the more risque moments remained in place, Amazon lessened some of the more explicit moments while keeping much of the storyline in place.

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On top of some minor changes with the characters, Amazon Prime also made some changes to The Boys characters. While keeping the same basic character types, there have been small changes when it comes to characters like Homelander, Queen Maeve, The Deep, and The Female. With that in mind, here is a look at the MBTI of The Boys characters from the comics and Amazon Prime series.


Billy Butcher is the leader of The Boys. He is a former CIA operative turned vigilante who made it his life's cause to bring down as many supes as possible, with one ultimate goal. Butcher wants nothing more than to bring down Homelander, once and for all due to what Homelander did to his wife years before.

Butcher is cunning, dishonest with everyone he deals with, and can talk and fight his way out of everything. He is also single-minded and won't let anything get between him and his ultimate goals. Butcher is an ISTP, an expert at his craft with the patience to see a plan through. He is calm during crisis and quickly figures out a way out of all problems.


Pretty much the opposite of Butcher, Hughie Campbell is a follower who needs prodding to get anything done. It took him forever to finally decide to commit to his girlfriend only to see her blown to bits by A-Train. He is someone who, even after her murder, needed pressured and pushed into action.

However, like all INFP personality types, Hughie has a moral compass that most members of The Boys do not possess. He is empathetic and loyal, while also idealistic and compassionate to others around him. While he doesn't act the role of a hero, he is the most heroic of The Boys.


The Homelander has a few minor differences between his comic book persona and his character on the small screen on Amazon. Homelander is someone who doesn't believe in much and doesn't care about anyone. He is a hero to help with the bottom line at Vought, but he doesn't even care about that.

In the comics, he is a bit of a psychotic. On the Amazon Prime series, he is more subdued but is a sociopath. He lets an entire airplane full of innocent people crash and then acts like it was the U.S. government's fault. He is an ESTJ, someone who drives themselves to achieve a goal while relying on others and using a stable structure to get it done with no room for error.

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Queen Maeve is second in command for The Boys and is very similar to Homelander in many ways. However, while she is a drunk who doesn't care about anything but drinking Martinis and staring at the sky through much of the comics, she is more humane in the Amazon Prime show.

Queen Maeve actually feels remorse when Homelander forces her to allow the plan to crash to kill all the victims. She feels empathy for someone like Starlight, who is abused as the latest member of The Seven. However, she is an ISTJ, someone who is loyal and practical while also remaining realistic and sensitive, in her own way.


Starlight is an interesting character. In the comics, she was a Christian Conservative from a small-town superhero team thrown into the spotlight only to realize that she hates everyone she works with on The Seven. In the comics, she is a small-town girl who took part in pageants as a child and is living her dream — realizing that it sucks.

The most significant difference is that she stands up for herself much quicker on Amazon, and it took a while for her to grow a backbone in the comics. Starlight is an INFJ, a creative and insightful person who is loyal and committed while also remaining empathetic and reserved.


The 10 Most powerful Characters On The Boys, Ranked

The Frenchman is a loose canon for The Boys, someone who will go off in an instant, yet shows empathy and loyalty for those around him. He is almost blindly loyal to Butcher and is the only person that The Female seems to find any comfort in, at all.

He is also dangerous, a killer-for-hire who has no problem with killing anyone necessary but keeping the faces of those whose lives he takes engrained in his mind like a scar that never heals. He is an ENFP character type, who has a real flair when it comes to living life to the fullest yet remaining very independent. He is the most enthusiastic member of The Boys.

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The 10 Most powerful Characters On The Boys, Ranked

The Female underwent the most drastic changes for The Boys on Amazon Prime. In the comics, she was with them from the start when they brought in Hughie, a former contract killer fell into a vat of Compound V as a child, giving her incredible powers and warping her mind at the same time.

In the show, she was part of a slave ring brought into the country and was kidnapped and had the Compound V tested on her. When The Boys saved her, she ended up sticking with them. She is an ISFP, someone who snaps at a moment's notice due to the stress of anything limiting her freedom, disrupting her life, or overloading her senses.


amazon the boys mothers milk

Mother's Milk wanted nothing to do with coming back to The Boys when Butcher called on him. He was working with troubled youth and had a woman he regularly lied to in order to keep his interaction with Butcher hidden. He seemed, upfront, to be the most humane of The Boys, but he was just as dangerous as the rest.

He has the same character type as Queen Maeve. Both are loyal and dependable, but they are also very empathetic and reserved, fearing that they need to save those around them from danger. Mother's Milk is the most realistic of the entire team.


A-Train was the man who started the entire story in both the comics and the Amazon show. In the comics, he is battling a supervillain without paying attention to people around him and kills Hughie's girlfriend on accident. On the Amazon series, he runs right through her while hopped up on Compound V.

At the end of the day, he is an adrenaline junky who wants to prove he is the best at all times. He is outgoing, one of The Seven's brightest faces when it comes to the public spotlight. He is also spontaneous and action-oriented, considering himself a star on the team.


The most significant change to a character on The Boys on Amazon was The Deep. In the comics, the Deep is an African man who wears a tank on his head due to an Atlantean curse. However, the Amazon show made him a charismatic jerk who would prefer to talk to fish rather than communicate with humans.

However, The Deep is also who sexually assaulted Starlight on the TV series when he was one of the only ones who didn't participate in the comics. He is also not bright, as shown when he broke out a dolphin from the water park to take it to its freedom. The Deep is an ESTP, a spontaneous and outgoing hero who makes impulsive decisions making him one of the most inefficient members of The Seven.

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