The Boys: 8 Worst Things Hughie Did, Ranked

The Boys has found success on Amazon as a TV show, based off the comics. The TV show has some major differences through — Hughie, one of the main characters, is very different to how he is in the comics (for one, he doesn't look like Simon Pegg — his father does). He's not superpowered, but he's still a very much present character and although he ultimately has a good heart — better than the Seven, at least — he does some pretty awful things. We can't exactly blame him, since the series kicks off with his girlfriend being murdered gorily in front of his very eyes, but still: here are the worst things Hughie does throughout season one, ranked by just how awful they were.

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8 Didn't Look Out For His Dad

This is a minor transgression, but Hughie definitely wasn't thinking about good old Dad very much. His father seemed worried about Hughie but thought his son didn't have the fight to go up against A-Train after the superhero murdered his girlfriend, and in his anger, Hughie lashed out and left his dad to his own devices while he went off fighting them. Unfortunately, he failed to think about the fact that his father was a target when the Seven started coming after him and the threat became very real when A-Train trapped his father inside his own home to use as bait for Hughie.

To Hughie's credit, he was much more conscious about looking out for his father after this happened and made sure to get him to a safe place. His father even told him he was wrong about Hughie not having enough fight, and that he was proud of him for all he had done. Aw.

7 Was Indecisive About Picking A Side

Hughie was definitely between sides at first and didn't commit to one fast enough, leaving him being pretty disloyal. It's not really his fault — after all, with his girlfriend recently murdered, he was torn and confused — but he definitely needed to commit to the Boys or choose to believe the supes that Robin's death was an accident. He was reluctant to believe Homelander was a bad guy, even more so turn on Starlight, and it ultimately left him lying to both sides and getting him in a bit of a sticky situation.

6 Didn't Empathize With Billy Enough

Although Billy could definitely be a bit of a brute, Hughie didn't really even try to emphasize with him. His wife had gone missing after Homelander assaulted her, and she was presumed dead, either through murder or suicide. Hughie has a brief moment of feeling sorry for Billy but after that, doesn't really seem to think about it again. In fairness to Hughie, he was going through a lot, but Billy probably deserved a bit of leeway for the way he was acting considering what had happened to his poor wife.

5 Didn't Spend Enough Time Mourning Robin

Mourning is subjective, and no one should ever be allowed to tell you how long you should mourn for before moving on from someone. In Hughie's case though, it was immediately, and it certainly seemed to cause him some problems since he kept hallucinating that he was seeing her. It caused problems with Starlight, the woman Hughie started dating.

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It wasn't that he moved on too fast for any objective, time reason — it was that he just didn't allow himself a mourning period, and it was one that he badly needed before dating anyone else. Especially a supe.

4 Indirectly Responsible For Popclaw's Death

The Boys Popclaw

Popclaw was A-Train's girlfriend who ended up blackmailed by the Boys so they could find out about Compound V. Not only did she die as a result of this because she was killed by A-Train (something the Boys surely knew would be a big possibility), they left a man to die so they could even get the blackmail. This wasn't all Hughie's fault, but is one of those things he uncomfortably stood by and let happen even though he surely knew that it was morally wrong. We could see the discomfort on his face, but he didn't draw any real lines.

If ever there was a time to speak out when something is messed up, Hughie...

3 Used Starlight

Despite having genuine feelings for Annie January, otherwise known as Starlight, Hughie definitely used her at first. He took her on a date to distract her while the Boys were getting stuff done and then asked her for a very expensive pass to see Ezekiel so he could blackmail him. Starlight was already having a tough time, as Hughie well knew, so to have someone come into her life and use her must have been extremely tough on her, especially as she picked up quickly on what he was doing.

2 Lied To Starlight

But worse than using her was lying to her. Hughie didn't tell her about the Boys, or what they were doing — he just kept hanging out with her. So when Homelander found out and confronted Starlight, she had no defense; she had no idea what was going on.

This was extremely dangerous for Hughie to carelessly hang out with her and put her in such a situation, because Homelander was ready to do awful things to her — probably ending in murder. He stood over her threateningly and everyone watching was tense as she near-hyperventilated in panic knowing what Homelander was capable of.

Thankfully, Queen Maeve spoke out in her defense, but it was a near-miss that wouldn't have been missed at all had Homelander confronted her in private.

1 Killed Translucent

The Boys Translucent

Killing Translucent was definitely the worst thing he did. Translucent did nothing to Hughie personally — okay, he wasn't a good guy, but he didn't murder his girlfriend — but rather than let the Boys be exposed, Hughie blew Translucent apart from the inside out and emerged from the situation covered in his blood.

That's... pretty much the point of no return in terms of a life of crime.

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