The Boys: 5 Reasons Hughie & Starlight Belong Together (& 5 It's So Wrong)

Based on a comic book series, The Boys has become Amazon's most popular series, with extremely high ratings all across the board. It's a show about superheroes with a twist — the superheroes are the bad guys, injected with a chemical at birth to make super powered and extremely corrupted by all they've been given.

There's one exception to the rule, though. Annie January, alias Starlight, doesn't love the superhero culture and just genuinely wants to help people. Imagine Hughie's confusion when he believes all 'supes' are bad and comes across Starlight, who breaks that rule for him. They form a romance throughout the series, and there are some reasons it's adorable and some reasons it's just plain bad for both of them.

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10 Belong Together: Starlight Is A Good Influence

The Boys Starlight

Whatever Hughie's experience may be with supes, Starlight is a good influence on him. She forces him to see that not everything is black and white (unlike what others may be telling him) and forces him to think things through. She demonstrates being a good person and nudges him in the right direction when he needs some moral guidance and since he's in such a dark place when he meets her, Hughie probably needs someone like that in his life.

9 So Wrong: Robin JUST Died

One major problem is that he didn't really give himself time to mourn his last girlfriend.

Robin dies in episode one (and they even show it in the trailer) and kickstarts his whole willingness to get revenge on the super-powered people. A-Train, a member of the famous Seven, runs straight through her — and Hughie is immediately thrust into this superhero world and meets Starlight. It's an adorable romance, sure, but he never really gave himself the chance to mourn, which he surely needs.

8 Belong Together: Starlight Needs Someone Good In Her Life

Starlight's mother was the one who allowed her to be injected with drugs. She's surrounded by people who push their views on her and when she enters the Seven, she's assaulted by a man she idolized and threatened by a man she worshipped. Starlight just needs someone good in her life and despite how messed up Hughie is, it's hard to deny that he has a truly good heart.

7 So Wrong: Hughie May Always Be Prejudiced Against Supes

But can Hughie ever get over his prejudice? When Billy tells him that all supes are bad, that he's wrong about Starlight, he does seem to waver at points. We can't really blame him either, since Robin was turned into a gory mess right in front of his eyes. So maybe that lingering doubt will always be there, that the power might just corrupt Starlight at some point.

6 Belong Together: Hughie Is A Great Source Of Self-Confidence For Starlight

Starlight's confidence is severely knocked after everything that happens to her and at one point, she doesn't even want to fight the Seven — she doesn't think she has it in her.

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Hughie, however, is there to tell her that she's a "f***ing superhero" and she repeats the line back at him when she shows up to help in the fray. When Starlight's confidence is low, Hughie seems to completely believe in her and hell, she needs that belief after all she's been through. No wonder the poor girl's confidence is knocked.

5 So Wrong: Hughie Has Used Starlight

Initially, though, Hughie was absolutely using Starlight to get to the supes. When he took her out for beer and nachos, when he asked her for a pass to see Ezekiel — all of that was using her for the sake of the Boys. He later claim to regret it, but it'd be a hard thing for anyone to get over, and we couldn't blame Starlight for finding it difficult to get past that one. His only saving grace is that his girlfriend was just murdered and he probably wasn't thinking straight — would anyone?

4 Belong Together: They Make A Great Fighting Team

In the TV show, Hughie doesn't have any powers so he has to fight smart, not hard. He manages to do this though, even escaping A-Train, the fastest man alive, when he's cornered in his dad's home. Meanwhile Starlight can be the brute force.

It's a nice shake up of the typical gender roles too, to see the man being the subtle one who has to fight smart and the woman being the muscle in the situation. Not that Starlight isn't extremely clever too, but she definitely has to run in and save Hughie through sheer strength at points.

3 So Wrong: Hughie Was Selfish, & Put Starlight In Danger

By using her and not being honest, Hughie puts Starlight in extreme danger. Homelander finds out about him and corners her for associating with him — and Starlight, of course, had no idea she was doing anything wrong. Homelander is all ready to do awful things to her, perhaps even murder her, until Maeve steps in and saves her. This would have been mostly Hughie's fault if something bad had happened to her, and we have no doubt that Homelander wouldn't have held back. It's a tense scene when he's in her face and she's blatantly terrified.

2 Belong Together: They Overcome Many Difficulties

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Despite all the hardships they go through and Hughie's initial lying and using, they seem to have the ability to get through anything. Starlight eventually forgives him, and Hughie does seem to get over his prejudices and accept that Starlight, at heart, is just Annie January and a genuinely good person. They got through so much in season one that it's hard to imagine anything they couldn't get through.

1 So Wrong: The Supes Will Never Stop Hunting Hughie

But as long as she's with Hughie, Starlight will be in danger. Hughie killed Translucent — there's no going back from that.

Having said that, Starlight has done enough now that she may be out of the Seven and on their enemy list too. Season two will have to tell us exactly how that's going to go for her, but there's no going back for Hughie. She'd have to really love him to abandon the superhero life and try and outrun Homelander with him.

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