The Boys: 10 Things The Amazon Prime Show Has Yet To Reveal About The Deep

Amazon's on-screen adaption of Garth Ennis' The Boys comic series has been a massive success. The grounded look at superhero culture has shown the darker side of heroism through the lens of "The Seven", a clear knockoff of DC' Justice League. One of the more interesting members of the Seven throughout the first season was Chace Crawford's "The Deep" character.

Drastically changed for the better from his appearance and personality in the comics, there's still much to be learned about the apparent "King of the Seven Seas". Here's a look at some aspects of the Deep that Amazon has yet to reveal!

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10 His Helmet

If you weren't familiar with the Deep's comic book appearance, he essentially just looks like some old-school nautical diver. That look is only made complete with a helmet, which in the books he never takes off.

At this point in the Amazon series, you shouldn't expect to see the Deep all of a sudden start wearing some outdated helmet. However, it would be awesome if the showrunners were to toss in some kind of easter egg in which the helmet or an alternate suit is found somewhere in the background.

9 The Atlantian Curse

To go along with the Deep's classic helmet, there is a reason behind it always staying on. Apparently, an Atlantean curse forces him to keep the helmet on at all times.

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While that theory kind of goes out the window without the helmet, they could still incorporate it in some way. For a guy who can speak with fish and has gills, nothing is too far fetched for Amazon's iteration of the Deep.

8 His Moral Side

The Deep's role in the first season is extremely complex. His true introduction to the series is sexually assaulting Starlight, which basically sets the tone for the character in all eight episodes. Even though it's clear he's incapable of admitting his flawed morality, it's even more apparent that his questionable behavior comes from insecurities within the Seven.

Typically acting as a voice of reason in the comics, the Deep is actually one of the more morally stable Seven members, obviously different from his on-screen adaption. If the writers were to give the Deep an actually balanced moral compass, he could potentially try to write his wrongs and earn his way back into the Seven.

7 The Deep's Insanity

Even though his moral side could shine through in season two, there's another side that should be focused on. At the end of season two, the Deep looks to have completely lost it thanks to his separation from the Seven, move to Sandusky, and the...unfortunate and uncomfortable scene where a woman is overly intrigued by his gills.

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When season two rolls around, there could be a much different version of the Deep on screen. The next question to be asked is what will his newfound insanity lead him to do?

6 Flight Abilities

Yeah, you read that right. In The Boys comic books, the Deep can fly. The power of flight doesn't exactly coincide with his aquatic abilities, but if the showrunners are going for accuracy with the books they could always introduce it.

There isn't much known about the extent of the Deep's powers through the show's first season, so they could always just throw in the fact that he can fly.

5 His Superhuman Strength

As stated above, the Deep's range of power hasn't exactly been made clear through the first eight episodes. All that's been seen really is that he's utilized in, as he puts it, "water crime" and can communicate with oceanic animals.

In the second season of The Boys, hopefully, his power set is fully on display. Plucking again from the comic books, the Deep possesses superhuman strength similar to Homelander and is commonly used as a presence of muscle in the Seven's fights. That strength is another easily useable power they could showcase for the Deep in season two.

4 Underwater Action

This could also be coupled with any action at all. During all of the Deep's on-screen time, there wasn't really any actual action in the form of combat. The only real action we've seen from the Deep was his dramatic dolphin jailbreak.

If he actually possesses all these aquatic and superhuman abilities, it'd be nice to actually see them in use. It would especially be cool to see the Deep battling something or someone underwater.

3 Joining True

One of the major events of the comic books is a massive battle between the supes and an armada led by, who else but Billy Butcher and the Boys. In the series-ending conflict, most of the Seven are actually killed. Luckily for everyone, the all-important Deep is not one of them. As a result of the deconstruction of the Seven, the Deep joins a newly-formed superhero group simply called "True" in which he sports a newly-made questionable hood-helmet.

Since he's already pretty much out of the Seven in the series, joining a different supe collective kind of makes sense.

2 Will He Remain In Sandusky?

So what is the Deep going to do stuck in Sandusky, Ohio on appointment from Stillwell and Vought. Well, with Stillwell out of the picture this could very well mean that he can return to New York and potentially rejoin the Seven.

Otherwise, there's really no point in keeping him in Ohio while the Seven possibly find his replacement.

1 Future Role

That brings us to the Deep's future role in the series. There's not a lot of detail surrounding the plot of season two outside of dealing with the tension of the Butcher-Homelander situation. All that's known about the Deep's role going forward is that he's certainly going to be somewhat of a changed man with his relationship with Vought in ruins and after what's happened in Sandusky.

Only time will tell what the future holds for him and whether or not he'll be accepted back into the Seven. With the way his first season concluded, whatever is going to happen to the Deep next could be a major focus of season two.

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