The Boys: The Dungeons & Dragons Moral Alignments Of The Seven

The fun thing about The Boys was seeing what it would look like if superheroes were not so super. What if the most powerful beings in the universe were all just arrogant, selfish, and greedy sycophants, using their powers for money and fame rather than for the good of all mankind?

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This is clearly defined in The Seven, a team in The Boys that clearly pays homage to the Justice League in DC Comics. Honestly, there is only one member of this entire team that one could consider a truly good and virtuous person, while the rest is a mishmash of the worst of humanity. Here is a look at the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignments of The Seven in the Amazon Prime TV series, The Boys.


Homelander is a Chaotic Evil character when it comes to the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignment chart. He's even more chaotic in the comic books where his tantrums cause him to lash out ay anyone around him, and he is even eviler in the books than in the Amazon Prime series, which might seem shocking.

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He does anything that his hatred of humanity drives him to do. He let an entire airplane that included women and children to crash to cover up his mistake on the TV series and smiled when it was said and done. He only cares about self-interest and his own freedom and has no love for anyone or anything else.


Queen Maeve is the one member of the original Seven who isn't that evil. She is not a good person, and everything she does is for the greater good of Voight International. She is also someone who knows her place and can manipulate those around them to get what she wants, or more accurately, to ensure her survival.

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However, unlike Homelander, Queen Maeve is not inherently evil and is nowhere near as murderous as her long-time companion. Homelander will kill just to get off, but Maeve, deep down, wants to be a hero. She just isn't willing to put herself in danger to do it and remains a true neutral.


A-Train is a character who only cares about himself. He does anything he wants and believes that he deserves to get away with it, showing shock and anger when things do not go his way. On The Boys TV series, he uses Compound V to remain the fastest hero in the world.

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When he kills someone, he never believes it is his fault and lets Voight International deal with it. He doesn't care about following laws or being an actual part of the team — he just wants to be famous and wants to keep making a lot of money. He has no honor at all, a Neutral Evil.


The Deep is an interesting character and one that was changed from the comic book when The Boys was adapted for television on Amazon Prime. He went from an African American in a scuba mask that he couldn't take off to an arrogant and entitled white boy with a love of dolphins.

He's a true free spirit, although he definitely has his moments of pure evil, like when he forced Starlight to perform a sexual act on him against her will. However, at the same time, he's also shown to be insecure and a fish-out-of-water, someone more comfortable talking to sea life than real humans. He doesn't care at all about society and would be just as happy away from everyone but his beloved dolphins, out to sea.


Black Noir might be worse than Homelander. While the Amazon Prime series has not yet gone into the man beneath the mask, just know that he is self-serving, and the sins he committed in the comic books was all for his own well-being with no care for anyone — not even his teammates on The Seven.

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Everyone in The Seven outside of Starlight was a bad person, but what Black Noir did in the comics was unforgivable and made even Homelander look sympathetic in comparison. He is Chaotic Evil in its greatest sense and only cared about the destruction of everything in his path.


There is only one character in The Seven who is good and pure. Starlight was a member of a minor league team called the Young Americans. She was a conservative Christian when she joined the team, but ended up enduring sexual assaults and constant ridicule by the members of The Seven.

Despite that, Starlight chose to remain good, always trying to do the right thing, and putting her goal of helping others above the greed and fame that her new teammates sought. She was truly the white light of The Seven and the only Lawful Good member based on the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignment.


The Boys Translucent

Outside of Starlight, it's definitely hard to call anyone in The Boys good. Queen Maeve might be the closest to good as she wants to help people and she feels anguish when someone around her is hurt. However, while he was not shown much and didn't exist in the comics, Translucent might be the closest to lawful.

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He fits the Lawful Evil role in the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignment chart, also known as the Dominator. That's because he's cocksure and self-confident and takes what he wants when he wants it. However, he is also willing to serve and take on his role as a "hero." However, its all about getting what he wants in the end.

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