The Boys #29

"We Gotta Go Now" has been the longest story arc in "The Boys" to date and ends with one hell of a shocker, one that possibly changes the way the Boys do business.

At the beginning of the story, Hughie infiltrated G-Whiz, the feeder team to the G-Men and its various spin-off teams, while Mother's Milk investigated the mysterious death of one of the G-Men's most famous members. Now, the secret behind the G-Men and John Godolkin's recruitment and training strategies come out. How exactly Godolkin recruits new members for the G-Men has been strongly hinted at, but to see it spelled out explicitly is still disturbing.

The first half of the issue spells out the truth behind the G-Men, while the second half features the Boys' reaction, with Hughie leading the charge, and the final fate of the G-Men. Events don't play out how anyone expects and I'm not sure who's more surprised by that: the Boys or the readers.

This issue is a turning point for Hughie as he steps up and instigates the response against the G-Men, while Butcher watches, unwilling at first to act. That the other members follow Hughie's lead instead of Butcher's is telling and hints at where the group's moral center really is.

Garth Ennis' writing here is exposition-heavy, but the manner in which he reveals the truth about the G-Men, through one of the members of G-Whiz, is still well done. The portrayal of the G-Men, especially in the light of these revelations, is a little surprising, but sadder and more depressing as a result.

Robertson missed a couple of issues on this arc and though John Higgins did an able job filling in, it's great to have him back on the art. Robertson's grotesque caricatures defines the look of this book and its characters. He knows the subtle nuances of these character's facial expressions and gets that across better than anyone.

While "We Gotta Go Now" seemed to drag on a bit longer than it should have, the conclusion is exactly what you expect Ennis and Robertson to deliver: gripping, shocking, and leaving the reader wanting more. The two continue to work in perfect sync and with the series about half over now, thankfully, there's still plenty of "Boys" coming.

(Robertson is back and CBR's preview proves it!)

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