The Boys: 10 Things Fans Should Know About Starlight In The Amazon Original

Though she is down to earth and sincere from the heart, that doesn't mean anyone should mess around with Starlight. Hailing from the Midwest, Annie tried to make a name for herself as the Defender of Des Moines. Plucked out of obscurity, Annie was thrust into the spotlight when auditions suddenly came up for an empty spot within the Seven. Though her dreams finally came true, Annie is about to learn a harsh and valuable lesson. The cost of fame and fortune comes with a heavy price tag that Annie wasn't expecting.

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Based on the cult comic book series from Dynamite Entertainment, The Boys, here are 10 things to know about the young super-heroine known as Starlight as she makes her live-action debut on the Amazon Original show. Played by Erin Moriarty, Annie January, aka Starlight, has always dreamed about being a superhero since she was a child and idolized the popular team known as The Seven. What makes Starlight different from the other heroes in the world is that Annie is actually the girl next door with superpowers. With her powers under control, Starlight is able to project blinding blasts of light from her own hands.

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10 Her Origin Story

In The Boys comic, Annie blinded her own parents, doctors, and nurses who were present at her birth. Because her parents were now disabled and permanently blind, they could no longer care for an extraordinary child. Annie's parents had to give her up and sold her as property to the corporation, Vought American.

In the TV show, Annie lives with her mother, who has dreams of her child winning awards at pageant shows. Annie has high aspirations about being a superhero, but she's reluctant to find out if those dreams belong to her or her mother.

9 The Deep

The most cringe-inducing moment to ever happen in The Boys occurred in the shocking third issue. All the male members in the superhero team, The Seven, ganged up on Starlight and assaulted her. Homelander, A-Train, and Black Noir dropped their pants in unison and demanded she performs a sexual act upon them.

The shocking scene of sexual assault still took place on the show but the traumatizing events happened between The Deep (Chace Crawford) and Starlight. Though tamer, the scene is meant to mirror the dark side of Hollywood with casting couches and the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

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8 Homelander

Readers who had been following The Boys knew right away that Homelander is the main antagonist of the show. The pilot took liberties with how Antony Starr should present his evil version of Superman. During her introduction, Starlight meets with Homelander (Starr) during a roundtable discussion with the Seven.

Homelander wants to start helping ordinary people in trouble, instead of his popularity being manufactured for PR points. Towards the end of the pilot, Homelander finally demonstrates his dark side as he burns down a private plane with his heat vision.

7 Queen Maeve

In the comics, Queen Maeve is withdrawn from the rest of the Seven and refuses to get close to anyone, even her on-and-off-again lover, Homelander. Maeve shows only a hint of sympathy and compassion towards Starlight. The TV show does a great job of expanding upon their relationship.

After seeing Starlight cry in the women's bathroom, Maeve already knows about the sexual assault because the Deep has done this before; perhaps to her too. Though reluctant at first, Maeve advises Starlight not to let the other male members see her as weak and fragile.

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6 Wee Hughie 

Though Wee Hughie and Starlight meet much later in the comics, their conversation at Central Park happens much sooner in the pilot. Hughie doesn't recognize Annie as Starlight because she isn't wearing her costume. In plain clothes, Annie needed to be far away from the Seven and breaks down crying.

Seeing her in distress, Hughie (Jack Quaid) listens to her troubles and attempts to console her. Because they are strangers at this point, Annie doesn't ask too much about Hughie's job. She doesn't realize he has been trying to infiltrate the Seven with his CIA squad, The Boys.

5 The Costume

Similar to the TV show and comics, Starlight is seen wearing a white bodysuit and a yellow-colored cape. Her gold star appears at the center of her chest. Both the actress and the comic book character have blonde strands of hair. In the comics, Homelander demands Starlight that she serve as a sexual fantasy in costume.

On the TV show, Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue), Vice President of Vought International, convinces Annie to wear an outfit that doesn't cover up so much. For PR purposes, Starlight wears a new costume that removes the sleeves and cape and shows off cleavage.

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4 Her Superpowers

The comics and TV show have found ways to explain how Starlight's powers would work in their world. In order to fuel her superpowers, Annie is able to absorb the electricity about her. As Starlight, Annie has to point her hands in the right direction before firing off intense blasts of energy.

Her attacks of bright light are capable of blinding the attacker, whether it be momentarily or permanently. When Starlight starts to use her powers, her hands and eyes automatically start to glow. Starlight doesn't ever intend on killing her attackers while using her powers.

3 A-Train

Similar to the original source material, A-Train (Jessie T. Usher), the speedster on drugs, is responsible for the death of Hughie's girlfriend. In the comics, A-Train is vindictive and dehumanizing towards Starlight whenever he has to share a room with her. A-Train reveals Homelander only chose Starlight to join the team because he needs someone to laugh at.

Starlight uses her powers to blind A-Train when he attempts to rape her. A-Train and Starlight have their own confrontation in the season finale, which leads to him having a heart attack.

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2 Other Talents

Not only does Starlight have superpowers, but Annie also has other hidden talents that make her truly special. Because Annie has to participate in pageant contests as a young child, that means she had to learn her mic skills and talk to the attending crowd. As a stage performer, Annie knows how to work the crowd, which is why she needed to be front and center at Believe Expo.

In the episode, "Good for the Soul," Annie reveals the sexual assault she suffered, shocking the Deep, but she didn't name her assaulter in the televised confession.

1 It's Not About The Money

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When it comes to saving the world, the members of the Seven just want the fame and glory of being a superhero. When the cameras look the other way, the Seven abuse their powers however they see fit. Handling their public image, Vought International handles everything about their press, scandals, and public personas.

Vought even picks and chooses which rescue mission they should go on. In the episode, "Cherry," Starlight is finally exhausted from the publicity stunts, breaks protocol, and rescues a woman from two rapists. Starlight proved that she really does want to be a hero to women and children.

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