The Boys: 10 Hilarious Memes That Will Have You Crying With Laughter

The Boys landed on Amazon in late July and has since become the streaming service's biggest hit. A critical and commercial darling, the series was a scathing satire of superhero cinema and TV, featuring "supes" who are super-awful human beings, graphic violence, drugs, and gratuitous sex.

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It's a blast from start to finish and has inspired a wave of Boys-inspired memes in its wake. However, due to the graphic content in the show, the memes have been anything but clean. With that in mind, here are 10 (Safe for Work!) The Boys Memes that will have you on the floor with laughter. Readers be warned, here there be *SPOILERS.*

10 Frenchie: Engineering God

Translucent and his diamond skin certainly seemed like an insurmountable challenge for the Boys to overcome in their second episode. Thank the lord for Frenchie and his creative (albeit disgusting) methods of dispatching supes. What it lacked in finesse it made up for in results. But these are the kind of results that Hughie spent hours washing off the walls, the floors, and his own face. Here's to you Frenchie, you scruffy engineering god.

9 Can't Stop The A-Train

The only thing faster than the A-Train is those four letters spoken in rapid succession. Or, possibly, Shockwave, if A-Train doesn't have his Compound V. At least Shockwave (probably) hasn't killed anyone, accidentally or otherwise.

Rest in peace, Popclaw. You deserved better.

8 Goin' Hunting For Supes

Here it is folks, the meme crossover we've been waiting for: "The Boys" meet The Boys. If the antihero crew have an opening on the team next season, maybe they should consider some "Sinister" companions? They certainly have the same disdain for supes, similar homicidal urges, and they might have some valuable input on how to take The Seven off the table.

Just an idea, take it or leave it.

7 Black Noir: Pianist Extraordinaire

Black Noir may not be the most talkative of The Seven but he sure has a diverse skill set. Not only can he kick the. But even with his ninja stealth and karate skills, he still has some major issues in the realm of socialization. Just ask the poor pianist he kicked off the stool so he could show off. Let's all just be happy he didn't break out into an ill-advised dance sequence while strolling down the sidewalk.

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Now, can we please get a Black Noir Christmas Album? Featuring holiday hits and singles?

6 Wait, You're Leaving?

If there's one situation where subtly sneaking away is a terrible idea, it's this: You're Homelander and board a crashing plane with no chance of saving the passengers. But we've all been there before, right? We all have that one friend who leaves the bar a bit too early and misses out on all the late-night fun.

Okay, so it's not exactly the same situation but it's still, close enough.

5 Hughie, We Feel You

Nothing is quite as awkward as having to tell that creepy guy at the bar who keeps buying you drinks that it's time to call it a night. "No, I don't want to go anywhere with you, I have an early morning and you scare me."

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Hughie Campbell gets it, and Billy Butcher definitely gives off those same creepy vibes. Take your own advice, Hughie!

4 Rest In Pieces, Robin

Ouch. That's certainly one way to open a show. If you need a quick scene to establish that these superheroes are super-terrible people, this is probably the easiest way to do it. A-Train's speedy murder of Robin is the catalyst for the entire series going forward, as it sets Hughie on his path of vengeance. So, of course, someone had to meme it. It sure is too bad Robin didn't have the Peter-Tingle, or the inclination to stand on the sidewalk for her conversation with Hughie.

Would've made for a much more boring show though, since the entire plot would probably have not taken place.

3 Area 51

Let's be honest here: If The Boys had been at the Area 51 raid, those aliens would be free by now and we could've gone to that lame music festival with our newly released alien buddies.

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Hughie would be awkwardly flirting with a Martian, Butcher would be drinking copious amounts of beer from Saturn, Mothers Milk would be making up an excuse for where he is to his wife on the phone, and Frenchie would be showing Kimiko how to rave. Alas, in the words of Mad Titan Thanos, reality is often disappointing. At least we got one Naruto-runner out of it, right?

2 Frenchie: Human Puppy

The growth of Frenchie between his introduction and the end of the season is really something to behold. While initially reluctant to help Butcher and Hughie take on The Seven, Frenchie loosens up exponentially once he meets psycho-supe-with-a-tragic-backstory Kimiko. While previousy he was a complete and total grump, Kimiko and her frequent homicidal urges bring out the best of the ill-tempered weapons expert, as crazy as that sounds. It's completely adorable, and we're 100% here for a soft and tender Frenchie.

Gruff as he is, love appears to sand down his edges and it's honestly refreshing seeing something so pure and cute in such a bleak and cynical program. Keep being you, Frenchie, you beautiful foreign puppy-man.

1 Homelander: The Hero We Deserve

Homelander has something against planes. Whenever he's on or around one, people start dying in increasingly horrific ways. The most villainous and irredeemable of all The Seven, Homelander will either save your life or end it (depending on his mood) right before condescendingly reminding the cops and soldiers that they're "the real heroes." Not even his surrogate mother/lover (it's a really creepy relationship) is safe from his Oedipal wrath.

Above all else, when confronting Homelander, just remember to stand back.

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