The Bonkers Story of How Wonder Woman Became Diana Prince

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Reader Dave P. wrote in to suggest this one.

Okay, so Wonder Woman made her debut in "All Star Comics" #8 in a short story by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter. In it, Steve Trevor crashes on Paradise Island and the Amazons there have a competition to determine who goes to Man's World to both A. bring Steve back and B. help fight Nazis. Princess Diana's mother, the Queen, doesn't want her competing, but she does so in disguise and, surprise, surprise - she wins and leaves with Steve. So that was all in her first appearance. This led to her ongoing lead feature in "Sensation Comics" #1 (by Marston and Peter), which opens with Diana traveling to the United States with an injured Steve Trevor in tow.

Now, first off, let us note the bizarre awesomeness of Diana flying an invisible plane for absolutely no reason given in the comic book...

It's almost like they've be offended at you even QUESTIONING why she would be flying an invisible plane. "Why an invisible plane? What, are you stupid? I fly an invisible plane because an invisible plane is awesome, dummy!"

She drops Steve off...

She is now a bit out of place, so she pulls a Spider-Man and actually gets a job working in show business. Like Spider-Man, she saw a crook try to get away, but she didn't let the cops handle it, so she stepped in herself. This is why Wonder Woman's beloved Uncle Ben is still alive, but also why Wonder Woman never learned that with great power, comes great responsibility...

Okay, now she knows Steve is out of his coma, but how does she get close to him? Prepare yourself, people! And do note that this is the first official "Wonder Woman" story and this is what they came up with to explain her secret identity...

Yes, she just BOUGHT the name from some lady! To be fair, Marston and Peter later brought the "real" Diana Prince back, but seriously, how weird is that?

Steve, of course, can't stay still, so in the end, Wonder Woman has to bail him out of trouble again and stop the bad guys, but it began a little-regard "love triangle" (quotes because Steve Trevor never seriously had a thing for Diana Prince) between Steve, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince.

Thanks for the suggestion, Dave!

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