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I'm a Bill Mantlo fan, and I have been since before I knew who Bill Mantlo was. Before I read the credit boxes, I was drawn to his stories. I have a portrait of ROM Spaceknight hanging above me as I write this. It's for that reason that I must share with you this heartrending, incredibly researched piece by Bill Coffin (we Bills stick together) on Bill Mantlo's life, family, work, and hardships after suffering a devastating brain injury caused by a hit and run driver.  The article delves deep into the flawed health insurance system that allows patients like Mantlo to fall through the cracks and never make the recoveries they could have, would have, should have. The article will break your heart and make you angry, but it is necessary reading.

(Thanks to Kevin Melrose at sister blog Robot 6 for linking to this originally and friend of CSBG Ian A. for pointing me to it.)

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