The Black Order vs. The Justice League: Who Would Really Win?

In the epic battle between Marvel Comics and DC Comics, when The Black Order starts an intense fight with The Justice League; who would really win? When good takes a stand against evil, would the superheroes be able to last longer than the super-villains? Each team has their own strongest member that would be quite impossible to defeat and a leader who would eventually take their group to victory. The battle between the Black Order and the Justice League would definitely leave a body count and someone standing over the pile. Depending on the roster of the team, let's place our bets and pick a definite winner.

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Serving the Mad Titan, when Thanos gives an order, the Black Order does not flinch or cower away when spreading death around. In honor of Thanos, the Black Order sets out to invade one planet before continuing the massacre onto the next planet. When they aren't competing against each other and clashing with other personalities, the Justice League members start clicking when they learn to work together for a team.  If the Black Order had been sent by Thanos to target Earth, the Justice League would be the last stand against evil.

10 Black Dwarf (Black Order)

Though his name suggests someone small, Black Dwarf is actually anything like that. Black Dwarf, aka Cull Obsidian, has unbreakable skin that makes him a worthy and fearsome opponent to fight.

It's really difficult to find a weak spot on Black Dwarf's entire impenetrable body, especially if every hit thrown at him has no effect. Black Dwarf loves to use his favorite weapons, his giant two-bladed axe and his oversized mace, during a fierce battle. Though he is utterly loyal to Thanos, Black Dwarf shares a unique family bond with his brother, Corvus Glaive.

9 Superman (Justice League)

Unless Thanos has a large case of Kryptonite lying around, Clark Kent, also known as Superman, is quite an unstoppable opponent. The strongest member within the Justice League, Clark has been raised since childhood to become the best of humanity and protect his home from those who would do it harm.

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Knowing his loved ones, including Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, are in danger, Superman would do everything in his power to make sure the Black Order is defeated. The Man of Steel would demonstrate to Thanos that humanity will never surrender to him.

8 Ebony Maw (Black Order)

Though he is not a fighter on the field, Ebony Maw has a more important role as a strategical thinker. With his genius intellect, Ebony Maw has already foreseen what moves the Black Order has to make in order to win.

Though he refuses to become extremely violent and holds himself back, he prefers to use strategy to spread his terror. As a conniving manipulator, Ebony Maw uses his persuasive voice to take control of someone's body. Anyone listening to his hypnotic voice will be unable to break free and has to follow his bidding.

7 Wonder Woman (Justice League)

Wonder Woman Godkiller

Hidden from the rest of the world and raised on the secluded island of Themyscira, Wonder Woman has been trained from the Amazons to become an unconquerable warrior.  Wonder Woman's Bracelets of Submission are truly indestructible and can withstand the impact from any incoming blast and bullet thrown at her.

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Her glowing Lasso of Truth has the ability to extract the truth from anyone, whether they are human or extraterrestrial. Someone in Black Order would have break and spill their tactical plans, especially when the lasso burns with tremendous fire.

6 Supergiant (Black Order)


Supergiant is most mentally unstable member of Thanos' army. Supergiant happens to parasitic telepath who seeks out intelligence and emotions to devour. Not only do her telepathic abilities allow her to mind-control her opponents and read their minds, Supergiant feeds off their intellect and becomes just as smart as they are.

The mutant superhero group known as The X-Men did not stand a chance against Supergiant when she stormed onto the grounds of Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters. What makes her immune to any physical damage is her ability to phase through any solid object.

5 Batman (Justice League)

Even though the dark knight may be human and could easily get hurt from the super-villains, Bruce Wayne is the most intelligent and resourceful member of the Justice League. Since money isn't an issue, Bruce would be able to hire engineers to work around the clock and build an army of Bat-suits ready to battle against the Black Order.

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In one of his technologically advanced Bat-suits, Bruce might be able to last a bit longer in the battefield. Just like Superman, Batman is willing to sacrifice himself to keep Earth safe.

4 Proxima Midnight (Black Order)

An expert in combat, Proxima Midnight also happens to be married to the team leader of the Black Order. Proxima Midnight carries with her a special spear that Thanos created just for her. Made by a star trapped in a quantum singularity, the spear contains poisonous energy at its tip.

This means that any cut made from the spear can turn quite deadly. The poisonous energy can take effect within minutes before killing its victim. When Proxima Midnight struck Hulk's green skin with her spear, he instantly turned back to Bruce Banner.

3 Green Lantern (Justice League)

Not only does he belong with the Justice League, Hal Jordan is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Part of an intergalactic police enforcement organization, Hal is the tough lawman from outer-space.

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When danger looms near, this Green Lantern shows no sign of fear as he constructs solid weapons through his power ring. The ring is able to summon a protective shield around Hal, especially when has to fly off into the darkness of space. If the battle takes place on Earth or in the vastness of space, Hal will be able to continue fighting.

2 Corvus Glaive (Black Order)

As the team leader of the Black Order, Corvus Glaive also happens to be Thanos' favorite among the group. Though Thanos is bigger in size and muscles, Corvus Glaive is smaller and slender in shape.

Unable to die, Corvus' immortality comes from his connection to his signature sword-like weapon, the glaive. With a simple gesture, Corvus can summon the glaive straight to his hand. Corvus can just about survive anything unless sudden harm comes to his glaive. If the glaive is broken and split in half, the same thing will happen to Corvus.

1 Cyborg (Justice League)

Before half of his body was integrated with the Mother Box, a portable supercomputer, Victor Stone was praised for his athletic abilities as a rising high school football star. Though his football career is officially over, Victor understands the true meaning behind teamwork and how working together for a common goal can lead to triumph.

With his advanced mechanical parts, Cyborg is able to shoot EMP blasts at his enemies from his sound blaster. Just give Victor a chance to shine and he will deliver the Hail Mary win as Cyborg.

WINNER: Justice League

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