"The Black Forest" Wins Rondo Award For Best Horror Comic

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 2 MARCH, 2005 -- Writers Robert Tinnell and Todd Livingston have established themselves as master of genre-bending comic book horror with their Image graphic novels THE BLACK FOREST and THE WICKED WEST. Now the rest of the world is taking notice.

THE BLACK FOREST was recently awarded the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Best Horror Comic. The Hatton Award, an email survey named after 1940s character actor Rondo Hatton, is devoted to honoring the best in classic horror scholarship, creativity and genre preservation. The 2004 award drew a record response from fans in the U.S. and more then twelve countries. It was the biggest classic horror survey in online history.

THE BLACK FOREST is a self-contained 104-page original graphic novel, written by Tinnell and Livingston, with beautiful black and white art by industry veteran Neil Vokes. The book takes place in a first World War where soldiers must face not only enemy artillery and mustard gas, but vampires, werewolves, an army of the living dead, and the Frankenstein Monster himself.

Although the book received much acclaim from critics and readers within the comic book community, co-creator Robert Tinnell is especially honored to receive attention from fans of classic horror.

"To reach beyond traditional comics' readers to horror film fandom and be recognized is a big deal.," says Tinnell. "Especially since the three of us are such huge fans of classic horror. We're geeked on this stuff and to get the award sent all of us to fanboy heaven."

The book, originally published by Image in 2004, is still available from Diamond Distribution (Diamond order code JAN04 1286), and can be ordered through local comic shops. It retails for just $9.95.

For more information on THE BLACK FOREST, please drop by www.theblackforest.net.

The Rondos, in their third year, are sponsored by the fan-based Classic Horror Film Board.

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