'The Black Forest' Online Radio Promo Debuts in March

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 26 January, 2004 -- As part of the ongoing promotion for the horror/adventure graphic novel THE BLACK FOREST, creators Todd Livingston, Robert Tinnell and Neil Vokes will be releasing an original, online radio show. The show, which will run between seven and ten minutes in length and involve characters and situations from the book, will premier at www.theblackforest.net the week prior to the book's March 31st release.

"We recognize that fans have a lot of options when it comes to spending their money and we want to make them as familiar as possible with just what the book is, and to earn their loyalty," said co-creator Robert Tinnell. "What's more, we want to demonstrate to retailers our commitment to continue promoting and supporting the book. And beyond that, to be perfectly honest, it's just plain fun, something all three of us have always wanted to do."

The show, entitled THE BLACK FOREST – EPISODE ONE: MYSTERY IN THE TRENCHES, dramatizes events that occur just prior to those in the book. Thus, listeners will get a unique, stand-alone story that will enhance their enjoyment of the GN itself.

Co-writer Todd Livingston is handling the production duties for the episode in Los Angeles.

"The really exciting thing," said Livingston, "in addition to the thrill of hearing your characters come to life, is the tremendous luck we've had in assembling a cast."

The first to sign on was the gracious Yvonne Monlaur, beloved by genre fans for her work opposite Peter Cushing in the Hammer Film classic, BRIDES OF DRACULA. More talent followed suit, including veteran actor Dan Roebuck (RIVER'S EDGE, THE FUGITIVE, the AGENT CODY BANKS movies) and Xenia Seeberg, well-known among genre fans for her work on the Sci-Fi series LEXX, as well as a starring role in Livingston's film SO, YOU'VE DOWNLOADED A DEMON. And Livingston and Tinnell say there are more surprises to come.

Artist Vokes, who completed the artwork for the book ahead of schedule, is excited about the show, but also disappointed he isn't more involved.

"I would love to do one of the characters. On my home answering machine I'm always doing crazy voices. The fan in me can't wait to listen to it."

A couple of other notes of interest regarding THE BLACK FOREST: Vokes was unhappy at the thought of compromising the storyline and thus sought clearance from Image to increase the page count. Therefore, although solicited at 96 pages, the book will actually be 104 pages – with no increase in cover price.

A documentary chronicling the "making of" the graphic novel has completed post-production and will be making the festival rounds in the late spring and throughout the summer in support of the book.

THE BLACK FOREST is available for order now in the January issue of Previews and will go on sale March 31.

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