"The Black Forest" audio drama now online

Official Press Release

Entitled THE BLACK FOREST - EPISODE ONE: MYSTERY IN THE TRENCHES, the eight-minute show dramatizes events that occur just prior to those in the book. Thus, listeners will get a unique, stand-alone story that will enhance their enjoyment of the GN itself. What's more the production features a cast of well-known actors, including LEXX star Xenia Seeberg and Yvonne Monlaur, who starred opposite Peter Cushing in Hammer Film's classic BRIDES OF DRACULA.

Veteran character actor Dan Roebuck (AGENT CODY BANKS, THE FUGITIVE, and THE RIVER'S EDGE) is also in the cast.

"We just wanted to give readers an incentive to check out the book, as well as demonstrate again to retailers our commitment to ongoing promotion," said the book's co-writer Todd Livingston. "THE BLACK FOREST has a real pulp sensibility, and our little production taps into that. It's like a classic old radio show. And in continuation of our being the luckiest guys on the planet, we had the great fortune to team up with a young composer named Daniel Merrill who did a wonderful job scoring, editing, and mixing the show. We just hope that everybody that listens to it enjoys it because it was a real labor of love."

THE BLACK FOREST is an original 104page black-and-white graphic novel best described as "ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT" meets "THE HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN".

The book has received very positive advance press, most recently drawing a lengthy article in the April 2004 issue of FANGORIA. Neil Vokes is the artist and Todd Livingston and Robert Tinnell are the writers. The book releases from Image on March 31st with a $9.95 cover price.

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