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The Bizarre Ending of “The Man Who Was Clark Kent’s Double”

by  in Comic News Comment
The Bizarre Ending of “The Man Who Was Clark Kent’s Double”

Okay, enough of you asked for it, so I’ll share the messed up ending of the second story from Lois Lane #3, “The Man Who Was Clark Kent’s Double.”


Okay, so as you know already, Lois has fallen for a guy who looks just like Clark Kent. Things are going well.

However, Mark acts like he has a secret. Lois, being, you know, an award-winning reporter, is curious…

Don’t you love the low opinion Superman has of Lois’s psyche that he actually feels the need to “fix” the results of the “He loves, He Loves Me Not” routine?

Superman, naturally, stops the arrow. But now Lois is pretty darn convinced that Mark is the mysterious Robin Hood guy.

So when he takes her on a picnic…

What the hell? This dude is a psychopath, Lois!! You’re supposed to feel BAD that your boyfriend is a total nutjob? Dude’s running around in two different disguises because of weird self-esteem issues and YOU’RE the jerk in the relationship? What a complete and utter tool! “You can never tell if people are being nice to you when you’re rich, so I use a disguise” – and then she was nice to you when she didn’t know you were rich, you jerk! It makes me mad just reading this, with the implication that if Lois weren’t so damned nosy, she would get the guy of her dreams. She’d be marrying some complete whacko, Superman writers, not some great guy!

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