The Bionic Man vol. 2 TP: Bigfoot

Story by
Art by
Ed Tadeo
Colors by
Thiago Ribeiro
Letters by
Simon Bowland
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

Steve Austin, the unstoppable hero of The Six Million Dollar Man, tracks a deadly conspiracy to foreign territory, where he discovers his strangest adversary yet - the legendary Bigfoot! What is this unnatural creature of primal instincts and mechanical parts? What role does the Bionic Man play in the monster's origin? If one such Bigfoot exists, could others still roam the wilderness... or be manufactured on an assembly line? Also, Steve Austin has a tearful reunion with Jaime Sommers. How will he react when he discovers a terrible truth - that he may have unwittingly been responsible for the tragic accident that transformed her into the Bionic Woman and erased her memories? This volume collects issues eleven through sixteen of the hit series by Aaron Gillespie, Phil Hester, and Ed Tadeo, and features a complete cover gallery by Alex Ross, Ed Tadeo, Jonathan Lau, & Mike Mayhew.

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