The Bill Reed Theme Song

Awhile back, I said I'd award a whopping FIVE cool points to whoever wrote the best theme song for Bill Reed, after Bill lamented not having one back at Reason #175.

The winner is Tom Russell!

Click on "Read the rest" to see the lyrics and an actual link to a performance by Tom of the song itself!

"Who will save the day?Who will show the way?Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Ree Ree Reed!Oh look it's Bill Reed!Hey look it's Bill Reed!Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Ree Ree Reed!Bill Bill Bill Bill Reed!Bill Bill Bill not Nye!Bill Reed's not the same as Bill Nye!Three hundred sixty-five,Three hundred sixty-fiveMany reasons to love comics!

Ditko, Kirby, Lee and Woodgod!Talking Apes, ROM and so much more!

(spoken:) Hey kids! Musical Interlude!

So that's Bill Reed's song!Not quite over yet!

Wrote too much music!I ran out of words!Er. Um. Oh well, I'll almost done!"

Here is a link to a downloadable version of Tom performing the song. It's about 8.7 MBs.

Congrats, Tom (and Bill)!

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