The big Marvel death revealed, plus a look at upcoming Thor issues

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Hey, True Believer!

Remember how, a few months ago, Editor In Chief Joe Quesada let you all in on the secret that Death was stalking a member of our colorful cast of characters? Since then, rumors have been flying fast and furious as to who would soon breathe their last. Now the truth can be told: the Reaper struck on August 1st -- in the pages of THOR #40!

"Most people seem to be reacting to the surprise death at the end of THOR #40 as a climax, an ending," said Sr. Editor Tom Brevoort. "But that's not how we see it. Instead, it's a beginning -- and from here on in, THOR's going to be moving into uncharted territory as the demise of this character changes virtually everything about the Thunder God's world. The death wasn't the point -- everything that comes after it is!"

And here's something else to think about: at the time he said it, Joe was referring to the death that was planned to occur in THOR #40, but since that time, dire events have developed in the pages of INCREDIBLE HULK and CAPTAIN AMERICA. Not to mention the rumors swirling around IRON MAN. So the question remains: Is Death finished with her rounds? Or will another hero soon expire?

And as you're chewing all all of that, you can also feast your eyes on the covers to THOR #40 (by upcoming ongoing penciler Tom Raney), #41 (painted by Glen Orbik ), #42 (by Raney), #43 (by Raney), and #44 (painted by Ariel Olivetti)!

Cover by Tom RaneyDan Jurgens(w)/Stuart Immonen(p)/Wade Von Grawbadger(i)

* THE SCOOP: Everything changes as Thor and the fire giant Surtur collide in cataclysmic combat!

* THE STORY: The searing Surtur stands ready to bring about the end of the world as Asgard's legions strike valiantly against him! But, in the end, a god must fall -- ushuring in a new and startling status quo for this title!

* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.On Sale August 1st $2.25

Painted cover by Glen OrbikDan Jurgens(w)/Stuart Immonen(p)/Wade von Grawbadger (i)* THE SCOOP: Special memorial issue! Everything changes, starting now!* THE STORY: The unthinkable has happened! The wounds of the climactic battle between Thor and the fire giant Surtur hit home as the assembled Norse gods stand in mourning for one of their own! And now, the question of what happens next is raised -- leading to a new status quo for the Asgardians -- and this title!

* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.On Sale Sept. 5th $2.25

Cover by Tom RaneyDan Jurgens(w)/Stuart Immonen(p)/Scott Koblish (i)

What tragic event has shaken Asgard to its very foundation? Why may Midgard be without an immortal defender? And will we have to change the title of this comic book? You'll find out when you pick up THOR #40 -- and then seehow the repercussions thunder right here!

On Sale Oct. 3rd (MarvelPG) $2.25

Cover by Tom Raney & Klaus JansonDan Jurgens (w)/Joe Bennett (p)/Klaus Janson (i)

Thor: King of Asgard! With the shocking death in issue #40 turning his world upsidedown, the Thunder God grapples with his new position -- and his new power -- as Tarene does battle with a foe from Thor's past -- a conflict that will take the thunderer beyond the pale of death itself!

On Sale Nov. 7th (MarvelPG) $2.25

On Sale Dec. 5th

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Asgardian Marketing Communications Manager

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