The Big Kahn

Story by
Art by
Nicolas Cinquegrani
Cover by

Rabbi David Kahn has lived a forty-year lie: he is not, nor has he ever been, Jewish. When at his funeral, the "rabbi's" grifter brother reveals the truth, it forces the Kahn family to struggle with grief and betrayal as their congregation examines their every move and question their very faith. A drama about loss, lies, belief and renewal in this sequential exploration of a family secret so well-hidden, even the family didn't discover it until it was too late.

"Why You, Non-Comics-Geek, Should Care: Smart people who've seen the book are talking it up like crazy." - Glen Weldon, NPR

"I almost missed my subway stop because I was so engrossed in this book... Why you'll like it: Because you love Catch Me If You Can and stories about con men. Because, even though you have family drama at home, you still can't get enough of it" - Whitney Matheson, USA Today


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ISBN: 978-1-56163-561-0

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