The Big Bang Theory: 10 Things That Need to Happen to Penny Before it Ends

The Big Bang Theory will end in just a month, and we’re all clamoring for our wishes to be fulfilled for all the plot holes or pending storylines to be finished with finality and avoid any awful finales like How I Met Your Mother.

Penny has been the main female star of The Big Bang Theory right from the first episode, and there are still several things she should have gotten done by the time the show ends. If these things don’t happen, it’ll be a shame since we’ll feel a little unfulfilled by it. Read through yourself and see if you feel the same way about these things happening to Penny before the final seconds of the finale.

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10 She Should Get Fired

We’re not saying Penny’s bad at what she does, but she’s made it very clear in the past that being a sales representative is not what she wants to do in life. She’s made it work for the last few years, but as part of her character development, Penny should be fired from her job and put on the path to doing what she truly loves.

This will cap off from where she started as she arrived in Pasadena to do what she loved, and the series should end with Penny finally realizing what she wants to do and be in pursuit of that; this time with total contentment.

9 She Should Impart Advice To A Similar Younger Person

Big Bang Theory -- Penny sings Soft Kitty to Sheldon

Speaking of capping things off, another way Penny’s story can be closed is by having her interact with a new character who’s just like how she used to be back in Season 1. Penny’s changed quite a lot from that ditzy, and slightly delusional young girl in 2007, and the 2019 Penny must have a lot of sage advice.

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Before she rides off into the sunset, Penny should come across someone in the same shoes she used to be in, and impart advice for this person by emphasizing to her that everything will be fine and she’ll find herself; just like how Penny has by the show’s end.

8 She Should Have One More Adventure With The Original Gang

After Bernadette and Amy’s introduction, Penny has had seldom storylines with the guys in the group, especially Raj and Howard. It would be a great throwback to early days by having Penny go on one adventure with just the original guys in the group sans Amy and Bernadette.

It would be fitting to show how Penny’s dynamic has changed within these guys from the first season to the twelfth. It will also be a good opportunity to have her interact with Raj and Howard more and be bamboozled by all the geek talk one last time.

7 She Should Get A Successful Acting Role

It’ll be out of the realm of plausibility if Penny suddenly became a successful actress, but the show should have her be cast in at least one successful role to bring her closure to her original acting aspirations. It’ll be a source of pride for Penny seeing as her current resume speaks of a play in a bowling alley and a hemorrhoid commercial.

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This way, Penny will have that sense of belief that she did accomplish what she set out to do and will set foot in the next phase of her life with the confidence that she can achieve her new goals as well. Besides, it’ll be cool to see Penny’s acting in a non-comedic light for once.

6 She Should Introduce Her Sister

Penny’s full family was seen in the Season 10 premiere, where her mother and brother made first appearances. However, the very first family member of Penny’s mentioned had been her sister all the way back in Season 1.

From what we know of her, she’s married and was pregnant at her wedding. Penny mentioned her very recently as well, which would make her an ideal guest character to be introduced. Her sister should arrive and provide Penny with marriage advice that the latter would use with Leonard. Ideally, her sister should appear and motivate Penny to invest more in her family than she is at present.

5 She Should Confront Beverly Hofstader

Penny herself doesn’t seem to have any beef with Beverly Hofstader anymore, but Leonard has never been able to feel fulfilled as far as his mother is concerned. There should be one final blowout where Penny confronts Beverly over how she’s used Leonard as an experiment her whole life.

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This would be great to further her marriage with Leonard and showcase why she even remains married to him seeing that she keeps making snide remarks toward Leonard quite a lot. A confrontation where she puts Beverly in the right place and finally ends her ill treatment of her son will be the best way to close out Beverly Hofstader’s role on the show.

4 She Should Get The Elevator Fixed

While you’d expect one of the geniuses on the show to fix the elevator that’s never been fixed, Kaley Cuoco has stated her one wish from the finale is for the elevator to start working again. This makes Penny the right candidate to somehow get that lift fixed.

Penny’s made it clear how much she despises walking up those endless steps for all these years, and it’ll be a big swerve for those people who expected someone like Howard to get the job done. It’ll be the funniest if Penny comes up with the easiest of all solutions that none of the geniuses ever considered.

3 She Should Reveal Her Maiden Name

Twelve years in, and we’ve never found out what Penny’s maiden name is. She took Leonard’s name upon marriage, so she does have a surname we know of. But the show has never – not even once – made it an issue that no one knows Penny’s last name.

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The idea was that they were setting it up for a big joke, most likely an embarrassing surname, but this never came up. The perfect moment to make this joke, though, would be in the final moments of the show and have Penny casually mention some absurd surname, and for the gang to realize they never knew she has this embarrassing last name the whole time.

2 She Should Realize How Lucky She Is To Have Friends

Although she says she cherishes her friends, Penny has always been shown to be embarrassed by them. A clear indication is how much she relies on her wine to bear spending time with these people; at times freaking out she doesn’t have access to wine when they’re hanging out.

Before the show ends, Penny should have an epiphany of sorts and realize how lucky she is to have a friend group who have supported her, both emotionally and financially, for over a decade – without whom she would be a washed up, failed actress who still worked at the Cheesecake Factory as a waitress.

1 She Should Get Pregnant

Finally, the one thing that will truly show how far Penny’s characterization has come will be her pregnancy. So far, she’s always avoided commitment; she was against terming Leonard her boyfriend, she didn’t want to say “I love you”, she didn’t want to get engaged, then she didn’t want to get married; now she doesn’t want kinds.

Clearly, Penny has commitment problems and she always runs away from these at first before taking quite a long time to come round. Penny should be the one to tell Leonard she wants kids, which would end the final thing standing between her and full character development.

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