The best of the best of the year lists

As the end of 2011 approaches, websites and publications are unveiling various year-end lists and gift guides — so many that keeping up is a challenge. Here’s just some of what’s been released in the past few days:

• The Village Voice shares their list of the best comics and graphic novels of the year, a list that includes several collections of older material, Animal Man, Spaceman, Mister Wonderful and more.

• Comic creators Jim Woodring and Anders Nilsen, along with Thor star Chris Hemsworth, landed in the bottom quarter of Pop Candy's annual 100 People of the Year list. The rest of the list will roll out all this week.

• The top ten comics list by Joe Gross of the Austin-American Statesman includes Criminal, Journey Into Mystery, Finder and Hark! A Vagrant, and is topped by Love & Rockets: New Stories #4.

• John Lucas at The Straight lists his favorite graphic novels of 2011, including The Cardboard Valise by Ben Katchor, Paying For It by Chester Brown and Habibi by Craig Thompson.

• Multiversity Comics wraps up their various "best of" categories with their list of the best ongoing series of the year.

• Spectrum Culture's best books of the year list includes Luchadoras by Peggy Adam, Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Vol 1. Race to Death Valley by Floyd Gottfredson and Paying for It.

• Justin Giampaoli lists the best mini-comics and small press titles of the year, including The Wolf by Tom Neely, Soldiers of God by Kelly Clancy and The Disgusting Room by Austin English.

• Comic Attack shares a list of their top 15 all-ages comics of the year, which is topped by Reed Gunther.

• Meanwhile, the Good Comics for Kids bloggers, a group that includes our own Brigid Alverson, share their picks for the best all-ages comics. Their list includes Around the World by Matt Phelan, Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol and Bad Island by Doug TenNapel.

• John Hogan, Nathan Wilson, Peter Gutiérrez and Dr. Katie Monnin at Graphic Novel Reporter share their favorites from 2011.

• Johanna Draper Carlson shares her favorites ( and "Noble Failures") of the year's manga releases.

• FearNet's list of favorite horror books of the year includes The Hidden by Richard Sala and The Lives of Sacco and Vanzetti by Rick Geary.

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