The best of the best of the year lists

As the end of 2011 approaches, websites and publications are unveiling various year-end lists. Here’s just some of what’s been released in the past few days:

• Brian Truitt at USA Today looks back at the year that was in comics, naming best writer (Scott Snyder), best non-superhero artist (Rob Guillory), best fight (Spider-Island) and many more categories.

• Kaleon Rahan takes an alphabetical approach to the year in comics, where "A" is for Action Comics, "J" is for Jim Lee, "S" is for Schism and "W" is for "What the Hell(boy)."

Dan Kois and Glen Weldon at NPR both name their favorites of the year.

• Cap'n Carrot at Dad's Bug Plan lists his favorite ongoing series of the year, including Daredevil, Secret Six, Darkwing Duck and Batgirl.

• iFanboy lists the top 10 comic events of the year.

• Sean Gaffney discusses his favorite manga titles of the year.

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