The 5 Best Avengers Teams (And The 5 Worst)

When it comes to the MCU and The Avengers in particular, Marvel undoubtedly hit a home run. Movie-goers around the world are now fans of the superhero ensemble and their adventures. Whether it's smaller, personal pieces or big, full-team battles, millions of fans are hooked into those theater seats. People are always buzzing to see the next Marvel film.

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With the next movie being Avengers: Endgame, a lot of fans speculate directors will start moving on from the heroic group that fans currently love and admire. Whether they choose a new superhero team or simply disband the group for a while, superhero-lovers will just have to wait until April to know. Until then, here are The 5 best Avengers teams (and 5 of the worst).

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In the DC universe, the Justice League is the popular, unlimited organization of superheroes in the universe. While the Avengers are pretty much the Marvel equivalent, the group almost always is very defined into a smaller group of people. That is, except for Avengers World. This version is just an endless roster of a bunch of great supers from around the world. There are classics like Captain America and the Hulk, but also lesser known heroes like Star Brand, Sunspot, and Shang-Chi.

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A lot of fans get disappointed in the characters missing from a roster more than the ones in it, so the Avengers World concept covers a lot of bases while still focusing on fun, expansive hero stories.


As possibly the least likable team, the GLA is filled with lame superheroes with stupid names and even stupider powers. Though at various times this team had characters like Hawkeye and Squirrel Girl, they mostly star people like Big Bertha and Dinah Soar (one guess what she looks like). Oftentimes, this team doesn't accomplish much and only causes trouble for themselves.

While the team is pretty canonically treated as a joke, in and out of the comics, it's still a disappointing team to hold an Avengers title. For fun, they're a good laugh, but for heroics? It's best to look elsewhere.


From its conception, the MCU Avengers have been an impressive roster of fan-favorites. Starting off with Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and Black Widow is a pretty impressive beginning. Afterward, the group only grew stronger and better. By Avengers: Infinity War they have even more friends, allies, and honorary members that only make the team stronger.

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In the past ten years, the MCU has garnered a lot of fan appreciation that has only grown with each film. Considering the hype for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame in April, the multi-movie universe has succeeded. Only time will tell if it keeps on succeeding or its the end of the MCU as everyone knows it.


While hardly the worst team, the Secret Avengers have serious troubles. A Block Ops group may seem fun, but it does take away the grandeur. After all, most super-teams are fighting big bads in big areas with a punch-packing dynamic. This team has to go on much more covert missions and actually try to not be so bombastic.

Furthermore, the crew is a bit bogged down by overly-complex plots and conspiracies. Though the idea was cool, in practice it can all be a bit too much. Anyway, a team without loud, Avengers flair isn't much of an Avengers team, isn't it?


As the first branch off of the original Avengers, the West Coast Avengers are classically lead by Hawkeye. Hawkeye was inspired to create a new set of heroes on the other coast to better solve problems on that side of the US. Earlier versions included people like Mockingbird, Tigra, and Jim Rhodes' Iron Man.

However, the current team includes Hawkeye, his protege Kate Bishop, Fuse, America Chavez, Gwenpool, and Kid Omega. Whether it's upon first release or now, Clint Barton having to be the responsible leader man for a group of West Coast wildlings is still a fun concept that fans love. Good luck, Hawkeye.


After the highly popular West Coast Avengers came Force Works. While they don't have the official Avengers title in their name, the team is derived from one of them. Tony Stark wanted to create a group that did more than just be the first respondents, he wanted his new team to prevent disasters, too.

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Alongside Spider-Woman, Scarlet Witch, Wonder-Man, and U.S. Agent, he created Force Works. With their Chaos Computer, they did all they could to prevent the worst catastrophes. The team lasted less than two years and only three official comics. Even reality-bending Wanda Maximoff couldn't save this disaster.


While many of the best teams are fantastic heroes, the best part of the Dark Avengers is that they aren't. Truthfully, they aren't heroes at all. Led by Norman Osborn, the Dark Avengers are a group of supervillains mimicking their namesake's lineup to clean up messes in the world that threatened Osborn's organizations. Though the group didn't only do inherently evil things, they wouldn't quite be called good, either.

The original line-up consisted of Sentry, Ares (a stand-in for Thor), Daken (Wolverine), Venom (Spider-man), Noh-Varr (Captain Marvel), Bullseye (Hawkeye), and Moonstone (Ms. Marvel). Of course, Osborn led the group in an iron man suit covered in the American flag, standing in for both Iron Man and Captain America. A fascinating bunch, fans love the stories that go along with this set of supervillains.


Within the seeds of greatness are some bumps in the road. Nothing is truer to this than the original Avengers line-up. While the OG team started something great, they are mere shadows to what they become. The first team only starts off with the Hulk, Iron Man, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and Thor. There's no Captain America yet and Ant-Man is renamed Giant-Man by the second comic. Though that hardly makes the group unsalvageable, they definitely feel like a first draft to something better.

Luckily, Captain America joins a few issues in and the group slowly evolves into something great. Eventually the rotating roster would become a staple, the stories would become more complex, and the heroes would become better than ever. Comparatively, the original group is just a little too lackluster.


Between the Avengers: Endgame rumors and the awesomeness of their comics, of course the YA would be on this list. Comic book conspiracy theorists think that after this film, the MCU might move forward in time to this group of young heroes. After the Avengers disband, several of their children, protege, or inspirations take up the mantle. This group has become a serious fan favorite since their debut in 2005.

Comprising of Wiccan and Speed (Scarlet Witch's twin boys), Kate Bishop (Hawkeye's protege), Cassie Lang (Scott Lang's daughter), and more, the group is full of call-backs and great in their own right. When you look at Cassie Lang's love for heroism, young Harley's love of mechanics and bond with Tony, and the inclusion of older teens who could lead, like Peter or Shuri, it could be exactly what's coming. If the team that fans adore is ending, this would be a fantastic way to move forward.

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