The Beginning is Nigh in New Preview for "Preacher"

AMC has been busy hyping their forthcoming "Preacher" adaptation on the show's official Twitter page. Over the last few days, they've sent out videos revealing the series' first full-cast table-read, a new preview, and a motion banner featuring Ruth Negga's Tulip O'Hare.

The table-read finds executive producer and director Seth Rogen reading the screen directions alongside his fellow EP/director Evan Goldberg. The clip shows the cast, including Dominic Cooper (Jesse Custer), Joseph Gilgun (Cassidy), W. Earl Brown (Hugo Root), Lucy Griffiths (Emily), and Negga, testing out their accents on some of the pilot episode's lines.

The preview, meanwhile, warns that "the beginning is nigh" over some smash cuts from the series, including Jesse taking a swing at a man, Tulip standing over a body that sure looks dead, and Cassidy seeing what happens when his hand touches sunlight.

Check out all three clips below.

Abandon your judgements. We are who we are. #Preacher premieres May 22 on @AMC_TV.https://t.co/K56rAMOe5U

- PREACHER (@PreacherAMC) April 21, 2016

Pull up a chair to the first table read for #PREACHER!https://t.co/3PpEegKquc

- PREACHER (@PreacherAMC) April 17, 2016

A powerful force is coming. #Preacher premieres in just one month on @AMC_TV. pic.twitter.com/LRuSbU0E4G

- PREACHER (@PreacherAMC) April 24, 2016

"Preacher" will premiere on AMC on Sunday, May 22.

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