'The Beano's' 'Numskulls' finally takes aim at 'Inside Out'

Inside Out, Pixar's heartwarming animated comedy about the anthropomorphized emotions within the mind of an 11-year-old girl, has struck a chord with critics and audiences alike, earning more than $550 million worldwide. However, more than a few readers of the U.K. magazine The Beano have pointed out the hit film's premise bears a striking resemblance to "The Numskulls," the long-running comic strip about tiny technicians who live inside the mind of a boy named Edd.

Long silent about the similarities, the editors of The Beano finally responded today with a special "Numskulls"-themed issue in which Edd goes to see Inside Out. The Numskulls are unimpressed, taking digs at the film -- "What am I looking at!? A giant mirror!?" -- until they realize the movie is making millions.

“We had people from all over the world pointing out the similarities -- which is very flattering but the Numskulls is a very British strip and we wanted to point out the differences,” Mike Stirling, The Beano’s editor-in-chief, told The Telegraph “For one thing, the British bottle up our emotions. Our Numskulls are like technicians so we have them wondering -- how come those Inside Out characters are so much more famous than us? Is it the emotions? So what would happen if they uncorked the emotions…?"

Stirling clarified that he's not saying Pixar ripped of "The Numskulls," adding, "I’d like to think that there was a symbiotic synthesis, if that wasn’t an odd sentence coming from the editor of The Beano -- as if we’d somehow subliminally influenced the idea in some way."

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