"The Batman Strikes" #15 Ties InTo "Batman vs. Dracula" DVD

Official Press Release

With the Warner Bros. Animation DVD release of the original feature-length DVD Batman Vs. Dracula scheduled to arrive in stores on October 18, DC Comics announces that THE BATMAN STRIKES! #15 (SEP050267) will tie in to this exciting release.

THE BATMAN STRIKES! #15 (SEP050267) features a story called "The Lost Ones," written by Matthew K. Manning with art by Wes Craig and a cover by Jeff Matsuda. This moody tale, which guest-stars the Penguin, serves as a companion piece to Batman Vs. Dracula, and introduces Dracula into Gotham City.

Due to this change of contents, THE BATMAN STRIKES! #15 will be announced as returnable at a later date.

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