The Batman: Matt Reeves Has The Film's Story Outlined

Now that The Batman's story has been outlined, Matt Reeves' vision for the Caped Crusader is starting to take shape.

During a podcast interview on The Q&A With Jeff Goldsmith, Reeves was asked if he could share any details surrounding his highly-anticipated solo Batman film. While there was only so much the filmmaker could discuss, with the movie so early in production, he did confirm that the script is moving along. "I am outlining," said Reeves. "I have the story worked out, and I am outlining."

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The Batman is one of the more puzzling superhero projects in recently memory, as the bulk of its pre-production has consisted of false starts with multiple individuals at the helm at different times. Originally, Batman actor Ben Affleck was tasked with not only starring in the spin-off, but writing and directing. However, his future as the Dark Knight has grown hazier over time.

Recent reports state that Affleck's version of Bruce Wayne will be present during Flashpoint, the upcoming DCEU entry featuring Ezra Miller as the Flash in the nominal role. Then, a different actor -- possibly Jake Gyllenhaal -- will end up playing Batman in Reeves' project.

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No official casting announcements have been issued at this time, and The Batman currently has no release date.

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