The Batman, Man-Thing, Mirrormask, Superman: The Comic Reel Wrap for January 26


Comics Continuum has a first look at Clayface, who'll be the last villain the Bat will face this season on the hit WB animated series.


According to Fangoria, Lions Gate Films and Marvel Studios' Man-Thing, directed by Brett Leonard, will by-pass theaters and will air on Sci Fi Channel in April. The movie will then come to DVD on June 14.


Filmmaker Cyndi Greening reports that Neil Gaiman's "Mirrormask" was to make its debut at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival yesterday.


The Northern Daily Leader has an article about an Australian area that's been selected for the Kent family farm in the Bryan Singer-helmed DC adaptation. " A property near Breeza is being transformed into the Kansas family farm where the young Clark Kent grew up before becoming the Man of Steel. While filming of the Warner Bros Pictures movie is not expected to start until March, the wheels are already in motion with construction underway of a complete Kent farm replica, 45km from Tamworth. The shell is beginning to take shape on the Breeza Plains property as builders and carpenters work around the clock to get the site ready for its scheduled March 3 production date."

Meanwhile, "Smallville" producer Miles Millar spoke to Sci Fi Wire about settling the simmering feud between the TV and motion picture versions of Clark Kent's story. "It's been much better," Millar said in an interview at The WB's winter press preview in Burbank, Calif. "Bryan Singer's a fan of the show, and we sat down and had dinner with him and the writers of the movie [Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris], who we know as well. There's been much more of a dialogue than there was with the J.J. [Abrams] and McG movie. So it's been much better, and we really feel that we're attuned and aligned and know what each other is doing so we don't step on each other's toes. So we're really happy with how it's going."


That seems like a good place for a segue, as we leap into a veritable mountain of news about Kansas' strangest town. In the same article at Sci Fi Wire, Miles Millar spoiled a little bit about a certain Kryptonian returning to Smallville. "Jor-El will feature later on this season," he said, acknowledging the return of Terence Stamp as Clark's biological father. "He's not going to be [on screen], but we're cool with that now. It's fine."

At the WB event, Kryptonsite got some additional spoiler-esque words from Millar, who talked about Chloe's role on the show and when Perry White and Bart Allen might return. The site also notes, "Popular 'Highlander: The Series' actor Peter Wingfield will be appearing in the upcoming Smallville episode 'Lucy.' It sounds like he will be playing the character of Marcus Becker, though this is not confirmed."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the web, Devoted to Smallville has a similar onslaught of news. Starting with a clip of Lex and Lionel shown on the "Tony Danza Show," with a transcript of the interview and a gallery of screen captures as well.

As for spoilers about the season's 17th episode, called "Onyx," both Kryptonsite and Devoted to Smallville have spoilers that each offer something the other doesn't, so we'll let you be the judge.

Finally, Now Playing Magazine has a final word from Miles Millar, who said, "This season really has been a treasure hunt, so towards the end of the season we climax the treasure hunt, we see the three elements that are put together. We see what happens with that. Lex, Lana and Clark are intimately involved in that treasure hunt. And obviously it's graduation. That's what we're leading to, and the changes for next year."


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