The Batman, Heroes, Spider-Man 3, Speed Racer: April 26th Comic Reel Wrap


World's Finest has a preview image of the newest animated incarnation of the Fastest Man Alive, who apparently will be heading to Gotham City.


How about some video previews of the next episode, "Five Years Gone?" CBR's got 'em.


We've got a big interview with actor Tobey Maguire, right here at CBR.

As well, we got an email from Dean Groetzinger pointing out spoiler scenes from the web-spinning sequel.


Australian actor Kick Gurry (seriously) talked to Moviehole about playing Sparky the mechanic. "When I met the [Wachowski] brothers they said, 'We remembered meeting you on 'The Matrix' sequels. You came and read for us, and we really liked what you did, and we wanted to bring you in for this and see what you could do with it.' To be honest, I donÕt know a great deal about the film. This all just happened. And obviously itÕs one of those big secret projects where theyÕre very secretive about the script."


According to Batman-On-Film, filming in Chicago has wrapped, but not before they got some video footage of the shooting.

The LA Daily News reported that Eric Roberts has joined the cast as a Mafia kingpin. "I don't stop working," Roberts said. "I'm a workaholic. I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm too overexposed to ever be a superstar, so I'm happy to be a working actor every day."


Actor Shia LeBeouf wants to be Yorick, or so JoBlo.com claims he said in France. In a fun side note, they also name check the third worst film of all time, "Hell Comes To Frog Town."


The first casting call has gone out for the spin-off, according to a scooper at Superhero Hype. "Casting FEATURE FILM "X-Men - Wolverine" w/Hugh Jackman. Seeking: [Males and Females] all ages and types... Having a DEMO REEL is a HUGE PLUS. Kindly read the Plot Summary to get ideas... Submission Deadline: 08-30-2007." They didn't attribute a source, however.

Meanwhile, actress Anna Paquin was interviewed actress Anna Paquin about whether she'd come back as Rogue. "I loved the people I worked with," Paquin said, "and they are people I've known now for a really long time, as far as a lot of the creative people behind and in the movie. If it was something that was really interesting and exciting and I got to do something cool, of course I'd want to do it, just like anything. It would be very nice to do more of that if the timing works out or whatever."


Writer Greg Rucka is a part of a podcast at Newsarama, talking about development on the film.


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